Things That You Need To Understand About The Dorm Life

Things That You Need To Understand About The Dorm Life

Living far from your parents is quite inevitable as you grow older. Perhaps, the last time you had your breakfast burrito prepared by your mom was when you were about to leave home for college.

Facing an early adult life can be, of course, a little bit daunting. Especially when you have grown so used to the comforts of your home, and you have no idea what it’s like to live in a different space.

Dormitories that allow you to choose between an apartment and a traditional style living, like the NYU housing, are a good pick. If paired with the knowledge of some important things about living in dorm life and understanding them will help you achieve a much easier dorm life experience.

Expect To Meet People From Different Walks of Life

Typically, students who have found friendship in high school end up sharing the same room with their friends in the dorm when they get to college.

However, that’s not always the case for everyone. If you want to live in a dorm life apart from the people that you have met in high school, then you should be bold enough to take the step.

The moment you decide to live on campus, the school then links roommate assignments via email. You will have to input everything that corresponds to your habits and preferences such as your sleep schedule and whether you like a quiet room or not.

The reason for this is the school aims to fit students together who share a common interest. But of course this is not fail-safe, you might end up sharing a room with total strangers. Establish a cordial relationship with them.

Dorm Styles

There are a lot of different dorm styles that can house you: singles, doubles, triples, and sometimes quads. Quads are one option that can accommodate you and your other roommates altogether. The only disadvantage about it is you get to share one comfort room with your roommates, and communal CR is common in quads.

Of course, you are quite lucky if you manage to occupy a single dorm, there are a range of advantages of living in a dorm all by yourself. But it still depends on the student which one he or she prefers to spend their entire college life.

For instance, NYU housing could be different from Harvard’s. You should check the dorm or housing types first before deciding which one to choose.

Want To Save Money For Food?

College dorm life means missing what your mom usually serve during meals. It is when you are getting familiar with every route to the dining hall, making a few trips to it now and then.

The first few months would make the foods served in it tasty, but after some time, you will grow tired of it, wishing you could eat at McDonald’s or Chick-fil-a. But, of course, you have to be lenient about it; college life means making sacrifices, so pick everything you want in the dining hall.

Keep in touch With Your Resident Assistant

This is one thing that you should always remember, your RA helps you to make necessary adjustments regarding your college life. If you have issues with your roommates, you can go to your RA and talk to him about the subject. If you are having difficulties with your academics, your RA can help you sort it out as well.

Research about the dorm before you pick one; NYU housing offers an excellent deal for incoming college students.

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