The Weight Loss Benefits of Cinnamon

The Weight Loss Benefits of Cinnamon

We all know for a fact that Cinnamon is a delicious spice used in most coveted recipes worldwide. Research has shown that it has countless uses for natural home health remedies. Above all, it has also come to light that it is useful in promoting weight loss. In this article, the basic idea is to evaluate how cinnamon helps to achieve weight loss in the body.

Cinnamon and Weight Loss

The following are some of the ways cinnamon works to promote weight loss;

  1. An extensive study has shown that cholesterol and low-density lipoproteins built up can prevent reduction of weight. By reducing cholesterol and fats in the blood stream, the body finds it convenient to burn fat, hence results in cutting down weight even in the most stubborn belly fats.
  2. Cinnamon has been found to create a chemical reaction with the body that works to burn fat faster. Many kinds of foods that we consume are known for increasing metabolism rate in the body, but cinnamon happens to be the most efficient of all, therefore, more potent for this purpose. When cinnamon is consumed, it combines with naturally occurring chemicals in the body hence causing a heat emitting reaction. It is this response that increases metabolic rates, therefore, hastening weight reduction.
  3. Maintaining a steady blood sugar level is important for skinning down.When blood sugar levels rise and fall inconsistently, dependent on meals or snacks taken throughout the day, to lose weight becomes a hard task. It has been proven that patients who have type-2 diabetes can be benefitted by taking cinnamon. Constant intake of cinnamon increases insulin levels in the body, therefore, stabilizing blood sugar levels. With the stabilization of blood sugar level, the body experiences fewer hunger cravings which result to less calorie intake hence greater scale down of weight.


The Famous Cinnamon Diet

You might be wondering what this cinnamon diet is? The cinnamon diet is based on the routine of consuming one teaspoon of the same throughout the day (a quarter teaspoon in the morning, a half teaspoon with the lunch meal and the other quarter during dinner). Although sprinkling cinnamon on food or mixing it with your tea is a fine choice, you may also opt to include it in baked foods or even fast foods, for instance, snacks. However, the latter may not be a 100% reliable since it ‘s hard to keep track of the exact amounts of cinnamon consumed.
Results are evident after the first week with majority losing up to 10 pounds. Although the outcome of cinnamon weight loss diet may not be common to everyone, it is worth giving a trial.

The Best Type of Cinnamon for Ultimate Results

There has been a debate on whether Ceylon or Cassia cinnamon works best. A majority of researchers claim that the Ceylon cinnamon is the best for a speedy weight loss but others oppose to this claim. For people with other health problems, Ceylon happens to be the best choice. The primary objective here is tone down of weight therefore regardless of the type a regular use for precisely ten weeks will give you the expected results.

Amount of Cinnamon Required

I love this spice and use it often to flavor food. I think it is extremely helpful in maintaining the desired body weight. I was never fat, but started to gain some weight in my late twenties and then decided to make use of this spice regularly. I feel that as little as one and a half teaspoon of cinnamon a day is capable of making a noticeable trim in weight. A number of ways can be used to consume cinnamon including using it as an ingredient in most edibles. If the drain off excess weight is your primary target, then baked food is not the best choice because it can be counter-productive since the extra calories tamper with the whole process.

Cinnamon has proven to be the most reliable natural remedy for weight loss and is capable of reducing risks related to obesity. However, it is advisable to take precaution since excess use has been said to cause mouth soreness or even tamper with pregnancy and lactation.

Despite the above-stated shortcomings, cinnamon’s spicy aroma makes it irresistible, and you’ll definitively relish every spoonful.