The Best Website Topics That Get Good Traffic in 2018

The Best Website Topics That Get Good Traffic in 2018

Niche blogging can be lucrative especially if you have a large number of followers. However, there is no exact template or formula that anyone can follow to succeed in blogging. Many might say to follow your heart – for where your heart and passion is, there you will find your gold. However, blogging is more than just pursuing a passion or hobby to share with the rest of the world. You have to curate the right methods that will specifically work for you. The world out there is very competitive, and it takes a lot of perseverance and creativity to survive and stand out from the crowd!  Finding a good niche for blogging is important for standing out as a new blogger.

So what are the right methods to succeed in blogging?

If you search on Google, you will be overwhelmed with a lot of resources! For a beginner, it can be very frustrating. It is like hearing different voices and you don’t even know which actually works. Don’t worry, this is normal for newbies like you. Even seasoned bloggers can also experience difficulties, especially nowadays where more and more blogs are being published every day. Millions of articles written by experienced bloggers are being posted daily. So can you imagine the competition right now?

Do not be afraid to dive into blogging, especially if you have a great content strategy and talent to share with the world wide web. Experience will be your greatest teacher. As you continue to spend more time on research and writing, soon you will be able to put up the right tone that can engage more with your target audience. Hard work and perseverance will surely pay off in the long run!

Perhaps, the most energy draining part in becoming a digital entrepreneur is finding the best niche to start with. To help you save your time, I have summarized below a list of evergreen topics which I believe will get good traffic in 2018. Go ahead and see if your passion falls to any of these categories!

  1. Money Making Guides

Since the start of the digital age, the internet has become part of our lives. Our activities greatly rely online, from shopping to finding almost any kind of information. With millions of people browsing every second, this only means that more and more opportunities will come our way for making money online. People will always be interested in learning how to make extra cash through the internet, and if you’re a guru in money making, then this is the right moment for you to teach other people.

  1. Beauty Tips and Reviews

People are always looking for ways to make themselves look good and feel good. It is the reason why the beauty industry has always been an evergreen niche. If you have been passionate about this topic, this could be a great niche to make an income.

The beauty industry will continue to evolve so gurus like you will always have opportunities. A lot of bloggers in this niche make a 6-figure income per month.  However, not all bloggers will become successful so you should be more creative by searching for the latest beauty trends to stand out from the rest. For example, you can give skin care tips and product recommendations for women with darker skin. Global diversity means there is more than one definition of beauty, and this gives you an opportunity to narrow down your topic a bit until you get a good number of followers.

  1. Travel Blogs

Traveling to great places is everyone’s dream come true. At some point in our lives, we all want to go to places we’ve never been to, appreciate other cultures, and enjoy the beauty of a country. If you have visited different places and are familiar with other cultures, why not share it online and help others who are yet to experience this adventure?

Travel blogs are a fun way to share your reviews and experiences and at the same time make money online. However, if you are serious about making this niche a passive income then you better plan ahead your strategies so you don’t mess things up. Don’t forget to check the social media or Google trends to stay updated.

  1. Health and Wellness

Have you recently discovered the growing trends of gluten-free or keto diets, organic products, efficient workout tips at home, online yoga classes, and supplements? That’s because people are beginning to be more and more conscious about their health. It is not just about having a great figure anymore but also preventing severe ailments and diseases caused by stress, unhealthy eating habits, and an inactive lifestyle.

Fitness trainers/ mentors have made the internet a source of great income because of this growing health awareness among the masses. If you’re not a trainer, having a good story and testimony to your health journey is good enough to earn a number of followers. However, if you want this to be a serious source of money then you have to carefully plan your money making strategies. You can search for affiliate products related to this niche, or start your own product or service to earn traction.

  1. Cooking Tips and Recipes

If you are good at cooking, the internet needs you! Everyday, people come online to search for food recipes, whether it’s for a special occasion, for good health, or for recreation.

Food blogging is among the topics that can easily gain good traction, especially if you have shown some creativity and authority. You don’t even need to be a professional chef to show the world your talent. Although very competitive, food blogging is expected to be an evergreen topic because of the fact that everyone loves food and there is a great diversity in food preparation. So if you have a secret recipe you’d love to share, go ahead and perhaps you can make a name!

  1. Technology

Are you a fan of drones or smart home systems? Do you have something to share that would help others who want to purchase gadgets? Then this niche could give you a name on the internet.

I have included technology on my list because we can’t deny the fact that more and more people become dependent on technology. Everyday, we have new gadgets being released onto the market. We can hardly imagine a life without technology! And it’s continuing to evolve, solving our daily inconvenience, and who knows what the future holds? And if you happen to be a tech guru, then your expertise is valuable in this niche, especially that not all people are technically literate. And yes, there are so many affiliate products you can promote under this niche so I’d say it’s going to be a great source of potential income.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a digital entrepreneur is never a bed of roses. Due to high competition in content creation, it is almost impossible to land a name right away – it takes perseverance, passion, and the right strategies to truly succeed. If you are just starting out as a blogger to earn money online, then choosing the right niche is just the first step to your journey. I hope the topics summarized in this post will help you find your goose that lays the golden egg. Happy writing!

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