Stay in Fashion by Flaunting the Latest Sari Styles 2016

Stay in Fashion by Flaunting the Latest Sari Styles 2016

Sari styles are constantly evolving. Sometimes, it is the color or the material or maybe the length, saris get a brand new look every year. So what are the sari designs for 2016 that should keep you updated and looking hot in the social circuits? Sari is a quintessential Indian outfit that is ruling the fashion scene since time immemorial and still going strong because Indian weavers and designers never cease to modernize the nine-yard concept. Saris are truly versatile and you could wear them practically for all occasions in your life. Here are some of the most happening sari styles 2016 that would keep you looking hot whether you are going for a wedding, college farewells, formal office parties, or any special event in your life.

Cape Saris

Capes are a rage among the young generation Indian ladies in India and abroad. Capes have come a long way from cape jackets to cape gowns then to finally the cape saris. Capes could be opaque or transparent and could look very much like an integral part of your sari or may be used as a cover-up during the winter days. Look chic and fashionable in all kinds of capes this year such as the jacket cape, cropped cape and even the eye-catching floor-touching cape.

Sari Gowns

Sari gown is a unique creation reflecting the magical fusion of Indian and Western fashion. This sari style is very much in vogue, especially among the Bollywood celebs. A sari is given the look of a typical western gown with no fly away parts so the sari not only falls well taking the shape of your body but is now convenient to wear and easily manageable. Not only would this style make you look hot, you would no longer have to confront any draping or pleating issues. Sari gown is the brainchild of designer Gaurav Gupta and celebrities like Sania Mirza, Shilpa Shetty, and Sonam Kapoor are not only rocking in this latest sari style but are promoting its appeal worldwide by sporting it.

Color Pleated Saris

Saris with different colored pleats are very much in vogue in 2016. The pleats now come in contrasting colors or prints vis-à-vis the rest of the outfit. Sometimes the pallu may come in the third color to highlight the overall look. Sometimes the entire sari is in one solid and bold color while the pleats are in striking floral or any other eye-catching designs in contrasting colors. You could wear an embellished color pleated sari for a special occasion or a party. Usually, this sari is a huge hit thanks to the innovative idea and the light chiffon material that is usually used by fashion designers.

You could enhance the already gorgeous look of these saris by wearing them with beautiful designer blouses. Today the market is flooded with blouses with diverse designs and styles. It is up to you to choose the blouse that best suits your color pleated sari. You could choose from a plethora of designs including the boat neck design, the V-neck design, and square neck, deep round neck, Chinese collar, or the high collar design. However, the boat neck blouse looks the best with this sort of color pleated saris.

Concept Saris & Pre-Draped Variety

Concept saris seem to be the hottest in 2016 Indian fashion circuit. Concept saris either come pre-draped they are actually worn and presented in a unique way. The most popular concept saris were the mind-blowing dhoti saris created by top designers Nikhil Thampi and Ritu Kumar. The highly innovative and talented fashion designers are simply coming up with a magical fusion of garments such as teaming a sari with maybe scarves, leggings, and even trousers to get a unique and fascinating look. An effective blend of fabrics and use of contrasting colors are the highlights of concept saris.

Sheer Net Sari

If you are a chic and sophisticated fashion-conscious lady, you would surely have a sheer net sari in your wardrobe. Its lightweight makes it the most preferred sari for cool summer evenings. Its transparency infuses an element of sensuality to the quintessential Indian ensemble. The scintillating sheer net sari has been featured in several Vogue editions. Its material adds a naturally glamorous look to the sari. You would feel like a show stopper when you drape this gorgeous sari and walk into a party. Wear sheer net creations for the ultimate feminine look.


Fashion Mughals have gone out of their way to create unique sari styles to entice more and more women to wear saris. Thanks to their endeavors the sari is and would forever be an iconic outfit in the dynamic world of fashion.

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