Simple Steps on How to Organize a Music Event for Charity

Simple Steps on How to Organize a Music Event for Charity

One of the most common ways for non-profits to raise funds is to organize a run or a walk. However, since these have become quite common, it can be very difficult to raise public interest. Music events are invariably enjoyed by the public even if they are held frequently simply because the genres of music are many and the artists themselves are unlikely to be repeated in the same location. The concept of benefit music concerts has become more popular ever since some of the biggest names in the industry have agreed to participate in mega events to provide relief funds for natural disasters, AIDS relief, malnutrition and more. However, just because these are events that hit the national and international headlines, you should not assume that you would not be able to organize something similar but with more modest ambitions. Here’s how you can involve your friends, family, and the local community to get involved in a worthy cause:

Selecting the Kind of Show

The very first step in organizing a charity musical event is deciding the kind of show that you want to host. The nature of the cause for which you are mobilizing funds and the profile of your audience will provide good indicators as to what type of music even will go down well. Unless you have very big stars performing in your event, the audience will all be from your local community. If your community is small and not a very affluent one, then you will need to find local musical talent that will not cost a lot in performance fees. In fact, many of them would love an opportunity to perform before a crowd, so may even be agreeable to do it free of charge for a good cause. In any case, since the number of tickets that you can sell is fairly limited, you should also select a small venue and keep your costs down.

The scenario changes completely if you are residing in a large community in a town or city that is doing well. For example, in a university town, you will be able to get a large number of students interested in the event without too much effort. However, the crowd will be more discerning so the performers have to be more popular. The genre of music will depend on what goes down well with the population of your community and the nature of recent events that you should not clash with. Make sure that you pick a venue that goes well with the scale and type of music event being planned.

Choosing the Performers

The scale of your event will dictate what sort of musicians or singers you will be able to get to perform. The higher the profile of musicians for events the easier it will be to promote the show and raise the funds for the cause you are supporting. Assuming that you will not have any of the top musical talents playing for you, you need to focus on artists from the local community. While this may appear to be downscale, it is not necessarily a bad thing at all. Not only are the local artists more accessible but they would be willing to pull out all stops for you and also bring in their friends and family to the show, thus reducing your marketing load. It is very important for you to accord the necessary courtesies to the performers, even if they are local artists, and make arrangements for rest and refreshments. You must also ensure that they behave like professionals in matters of punctuality and on-stage discipline.

Promoting the Event

Event promotion is directly linked to the number of tickets you will be able to sell that in turn dictates the total amount of funds you can raise. Price the tickets reasonably so that it is an incentive for people to come to your show. Make it a point to host the event on a weekend so that you can get the maximum audience. Activate your network of friends and relatives to sell the tickets to the people they know. Get some local sponsors on board who would not only be willing to buy tickets in bulk but also give cash donations for the chance of getting associated with the event. You can print their names and company logos on the tickets, posters, and flyers as well as the backdrop of the concert. However, you need to tie up these arrangements well in advance of the event. Be sure to ask the local music shops, music schools as well as cafes, etc. that the young people haunt to put up your posters, and if possible, also sell your tickets. Be sure to create a buzz on the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more widespread awareness and involvement.

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