Self-Learning Through Technology – A Revolutionary Learning Process

Self Learning with Technology

I always have a feeling that self-learning is a best way to enhance one’s knowledge. Though, the role of the teachers will always be there, but without self study things won’t work in a right direction. Today, the concept of acquiring knowledge is no more confined to reading books. The old approach to self-learning is still alive, but the method is no more archaic. The rapid growth in technology, reducing internet costs, and emerging Internet bandwidth have been a major factor in the evolution of e-learning.

Indeed! Technology has made self-learning easier and fastidious. It has revolutionized learning and is a convenient approach to achieve more than ever before.

Benefits of self-learning with the help of technology:

  1. You don’t need to carry a whole bunch of books everywhere you go as you can easily access the desired lessons from your computer network. The great thing is that you can study about ten different subjects with the help of one system. Isn’t it cool?
  2. I feel that conventional method of studies did not provide enough scope to the students to make extensive research on a particular subject. In the past, people either used to go to libraries or bought books to complete their research. Apparently, the system demanded money and time for traveling. Also, they had limited resources to do their research. Contrary to it, technology-based self-study saves you time as you can study within the comfort zone of your house. Also, the internet is full of information, and you can easily avail it from different websites with the help of search engines. No matter, whether the data is associated with your country or any other nation of the world, you can manage your share of knowledge without many hassles.
  3. Technology based self-learning focuses on self-directed studies. It’s very simple. For example – If you want to learn English, you may go online and can join related groups or web-based classes to enhance your English speaking skills and often free of cost. Though, there are paid platforms also, but the cost associated with such programs is always minimal. So you are no more forced to count on outdated books and get access to acceptance of knowledge that fits your understanding.

How technology makes learning easier?

  1. It’s an interactive form of learning and empowers the learners to develop competencies needed for the advanced studies. It provides an environment that amplifies the possibilities of the old theory of books and blackboards to a useful one-way communion.
  2. It enhances the effect of teaching because students get an opportunity to test themselves on a private note compared to a large classroom size. Multimedia is a great teacher and helps the pupil to learn new things in a more efficient way. After all, books can be boring at times and cannot always ignite interest among students.
  3. Technology is present everywhere and hence, allows students to study even in the most remote areas of the world.
  4. It is often said that the audible and visual representation of the things helps the students to remember facts for long.

Technology has been with us for more than a century, and its significance is growing with each passing day. Especially, technology and self-learning has an interesting connection that encourages the pupil to study on their own.

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