Protect Your Pet Horse with These Maintenance Tips

Protect Your Pet Horse with These Maintenance Tips

Adopting a horse as a pet is a rewarding experience. However, if in order to make your companion happy, you need to dedicate lots of time to take care of it. Your horse needs your constant care, love, and support. You can show the care and support for your horse with grooming, riding, and petting. Sometimes you can gift him or her a special treat as well!

Below are some of the maintenance tips for your horse to keep it happy and healthy:

Remember that horses are expensive and so make sure you have enough funds in your account to take care of him or her. Experts in the field of horse care say that the costs of buying a horse are much lesser than what it takes to maintain a horse. When you have decided to take a horse make sure that you are realistic about the costs it will take to maintain the horse. An equine friend is costly so consider this point always!

Protect your horse from parasites and other insects that bite. Your vet will guide you when it comes to anti-parasite care for your horse.

Give your horse a regular supply of water and food

Your horse needs a protected and safe environment to grow. Make sure that you give your horse a constant supply of fresh water and food. Even if you have a horse that is sized average, it will eat approximately 20lbs food daily. You need to give your horse about 7 to 8 gallons of water. Make sure your horse gets sufficient water and food to drink. Experts in the field of horse care say the stomachs of horses are very small. Their digestive systems are delicate, and so you need to make sure the water they drink is fresh and clean. Domestic horses are not the same as the racing horses you watch on TVG. Their diets are different. Racing horses need a lot of care and maintenance to stay fit and active for the horse racing tournaments they participate in.

Horses do not eat full meals – they like to nibble on grass

If you closely examine horses, they like to nibble throughout the whole day on grass. They do not like eating whole meals. Remember that your horse needs to take care of its hoof. So, hire a blacksmith to check and maintain its hoof with regular trimming. Like all pets, your horse needs dental care and regular vet visits. There are medical emergencies that you should keep in mind as well. Always keep separate funds for your horse in case it has a medical emergency where it needs treatment.

Your pet horse needs a safe shelter where it can sleep and rest in peace. Make sure the shelter is comfortable and dry for your pet to rest well. Keep food and water in the shelter during the summer months. Make sure it is warm during the winter months. Your horse will stay happy and healthy when you take care of it well!

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