How To Train Your Mind Before Training Your Body

How To Train Your Mind Before Training Your Body

The same can be applicable for guys who desire to begin a romantic relationship with the dream woman they met at any place. While some will succeed, others fail miserably due to the fact that they can’t get their bodies to do the activities that their mind urges them to do. In the field of sports, this pathetic scenario is noticeable as many athletes wish to become like LeBron James, Novak Djokovic or Cristiano Ronaldo but find themselves falling far short of the target because their bodies cannot carry them to the end. In another scenario, you may see a college student trying to become a thesis writer but failing as well because of the lack of cooperation from the body. Sebastian Miller is a former gym teacher and a thesis writer, and may fall into this category of trying to achieve optimal efficiency in writing but failing due to lack of body cooperation as well.

So many people that fall into any of these situations have identified the body as the usual culprit. However, they have erred by doing this because the mind is the major element that needs to be worked upon before the body can be trained to undertake the tasks that you want it to do. Before your mouth can sufficiently speak with boldness in front of a board meeting where you are called to pitch your product, your mind must have been sufficiently trained in the rubrics of boldness. Before you begin to engage in weight-loss routine, your mind is the first element that you will have to train up and when this is done, your body will respond. This same thing is obtainable in the field of marathon athletics: in order for you to successfully complete a marathon race or emerge victorious in a 5000 meters Olympic event like Mo Farah, you must have sufficiently trained your mind to endure exhaustion before your body can follow through with the commands that are being issued by the mind.

Without further time wasting, let us examine some of the best ways to train your mind:

  • Feed your mind with books:

    Books are the food of the mind. There is no other way to say this and it remains an inescapable fact of life. If you fail to groom your mind with books, your body will fail miserably. Let us examine some real life examples so that you will understand. No one is born with an innate ability, rather we are born as a clean slate upon which experience and learning molds us. Let us say you desire to become the greatest Horror writer that has ever lived. While you may desire to be this, your hands will not be able to craft out any bestseller if you fail to read up other best selling authors in the field of Horror. In order to efficiently groom your mind, you will need to buy all the books of Stephen King who is the modern Horror best selling author, and then proceed to get books by Edgar Allan Poe who is an historic horror fiction writer.

    You could also learn to read books about the human anatomy in order to be able to fully describe the gory details of death that would frighten the readers. When you read these books, your subconscious begins to store up information that will be needed when you are writing: in short, you begin to think like a Horror author thinks. Let us examine the scenario of a guy who is trying to begin a relationship with a lady. There are books on the psychology of dating which Love gurus have written from many cultures. Within some of these books, a guy is taught the best kind of pickup lines to use and the kind of presentation that a woman loves. There are also books that teach you on the way most women think so as to help you avoid the pitfall of acting on wrong signals. If you are patient enough to make the research, you will definitely find what you are seeking for. In the occasion that you find yourself always at odds with your girlfriend or wife, it would be best that you begin reading on temperaments and how to control them. Tim LaHaye’s book on the four major temperaments will provide you with the best tips to recognize your partner’s temperament and how you can both efficiently manage your relationship in a way that there would be peace.

    There are many dads who continue to struggle in the home due to the nature of their kid’s character. In some instances, the child may have many episodes of angry outbursts that have put the family at the edge. For such fathers, in order for you to train yourself to act in a way that will produce results, you will need to read books on children with special needs. Some of such books may include the Explosive child: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children by Ross Greene as well as others. In the process of reading, you will be able to determine if your child is suffering the effects of a bad drug decision that the mother took while in the pregnancy stage, or as a result of the stress that the child is undergoing within the environment. As stated earlier, there is no better food to groom your mind than reading and you can choose to adopt the audio reading techniques or textual reading.

  • Harness the power of meditation:

    Meditation has often been described as the tool that enables anyone to attain a higher realm of efficiency. It can be helpful for various tasks. From thesis writing services to physical activities. It is especially an activity that is needed in order for your mind to grow and overcome challenges. Meditation began majorly in the Asian continent and has spread throughout many cultures with many variations recorded. Nevertheless, its effects are widespread as it helps the mind to stay fresh to face newer challenges. Let us see how you can begin mediation. The first key to meditation is choosing the right time and environment. Your place of meditation is like a sacred spot where silence is treasured. In most instances, that place may be within your home or other secluded places. The process of meditation most times requires you to take short deep breaths that would enable oxygen to flow to your brain.

    While taking the deep breaths, you can begin to clear your mind of every form of mental blocks that may have been clouding your thinking. For example, if you are a business owner who is thinking of taking the business to a higher stage, there may be the mental blocks of past experiences that will try to hinder your mind from devising better strategies for the future operations of the company. During the period of meditation, you can efficiently shelve those experiences aside with the power of self-talk. The most potent form of meditation is usually the one that is accompanied with positive self-talk. There is a strong potency in the words you speak as they have the ability of shaping your opinion and conditioning your mind in a particular way.

    For the business manager who has been weighed down by the mental blocks of past experiences, the power of self-talk is potent enough to break the hold of that block in order to allow confidence to set in. Let us examine the scenario of a marathon runner who always becomes fagged out at the 2nd hour of running. That negative barrier has been imprinted in his subconscious and it would be impossible for him to continue running after the 2-hour mark even though his or her body is still in full shape. In order to break through this barrier, meditation as well as positive self-talk will be needed. In meditation, the athlete can begin to repeat words of belief in his or her capacity to pass the 2-hour mark. The results of meditation combined with positive self-talk are not usually immediate as growth comes in little mechanical leaps.

    Nevertheless, the mind is being weaned off the limiting pattern of thinking while it slowly adopts a winning mentality that it will pass along to the body. Let us take another scenario, if you are a guy who has always been turned down by different women because of some reasons, your self-esteem would be in a battered state and it would be difficult for you to approach other women in the future due to a fear that will lurk within. In order to overcome this fear, you can begin to fully harness the power of self-talk combined with meditation. The duo activities have been used in retreat camps organized by numerous Fortune 500 companies, to refresh the vigor of their employees in order to ensure the actualization of the next step of the company goals.

  • Train your mind to recognize limits:

    Most people always try to set goals which they will never attain due to the fact that they are pressured by the society. When you train your mind to effectively define its limits, you would recognize the futility of certain actions and then utilize your resources efficiently. For many individuals, the idea of a good life entails the ownership of various grades of super cars, ownership of a luxury private jet hanger that is filled with different jets, ownership of yachts as well as ownership of their personal island.

    In most cases, most of these individuals begin to pursue these unrealistic aims due to the pressure placed on them by friends as well as the mainstream media. For example, mainstream music Hip-hop videos mostly portray the good life in the negative light: in most cases, the musical artists who portray such lifestyles do not live the same in reality. You have to train your mind to define what the good life is for you and then make your actions work according to the definition. In most Internet posts, the emphasis is how to leave the 9-5 job to become a business owner, but you may be the person that loves your job. In this instance, you will need to condition your mind to accept the line of work you are in and progress steadily within it.

    In recent times, the focus of the financial system has shifted from trades in traditional stocks to trade in cryptocurrencies and while you should always identify good opportunities, you could also retain a staunch determination to become rich in trading in traditional stocks. Let us see the example of a person who is undergoing a weight reduction program. The trainer of that individual helps the person’s mind to set realistic goals that will be sufficient to keep the person focused at all times. For example, if the individual intends to lose 67 pounds in two weeks, the trainer could help to change the milestone to about 30. In that way, the mind is convinced to set realistic goals which the body can achieve. In order to efficiently train your mind to always set realistic targets, you could pick up The Subtle art of not giving a F*ck a book by Mark Manson.

It is vital that you understand the place of these techniques in training your mind because there is absolutely nothing you can engage in without first ensuring that your mind is fully equipped for it. When your mind is less equipped for the performance of a task, failure is the certain constant irrespective of the peak state of your body fitness.

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