How to Develop Multi-Vendor Online Store Like Amazon

How to Develop Multi-Vendor Online Store Like Amazon

After social media, there comes an e-commerce store that attracts a high rate of visitors to it as the number of online shoppers are on a high rise. But it’s a multi-vendor online store that earns higher traffic than a brand-specific e-commerce store. Do you think that you should make your multi-vendor online store?

Amazon, the brand itself reminds us of the best online shopping experience. One of the most preferred multi-vendor online shopping websites. Amazon helps any particular individual to shop from any corner of the world and get it delivered right where he want.

Wait A min! What does it mean by a multi-vendor online store?

An e-commerce website in which a person can buy from more than one vendors at the same time and get the both delivered to the same address and in the same shopping cart. A Magento multi-vendor store developed by expert Magento development company is a perfect store for ROI.

There is various software that let you develop wonderful multi-vendor websites. Following are some of them:

WordPress with Marketify Theme

A quicker way to implement the multi-vendor system in the website is by using the WordPress platform, along with the Marketify Theme. It is an easy step for beginners as you just need to setup WordPress, implement theme and begin with building the website right from there. The theme is affordable and provides a strong support from the creator.

The users can log in with their social accounts to expedite the process when the theme integrates with Easy Digital Downloads. In this, ratings and review functionality is also available for customers along with some videos to help customers make decisions. This multi-vendor option goes good with any type of business and requires a little technical knowledge.

Magento with Marketplace

Another wonderful option for developing a multi-vendor online store is the open source platform, Magento, similar to WordPress and is a platform that primarily focuses on e-commerce and is certainly one of the best ways to build a multi-vendor online store. Security is an important aspect, any vendor can’t simply start selling their products on your website. Here comes the use of Marketplace multi-vendor module which helps you to convert a pre-existing Magento website in a multi-vendor marketplace.

With the help of this, you can offer separate seller profiles for the vendors in order to log in and manage their own content. This will let sellers modify their items in their own profiles like logos, images, media, product collections, and feedback. This isn’t free but its price is kept reasonable.

Yo! Cart

It isn’t the famous platform but it has features almost like a viable competitor. Its interface is totally customizable and provides easy navigation for vendors and admins. It offers a perfect vendor profile area in which vendors can upload pictures, modify listings and change pricing. With the help of Yo! Cart, the buyers aren’t shown the vendor details at the time of shopping. This feature of anonymity serves vendors well. Alike other options mentioned here, this also lets your customers place an order from multiple vendors in the same shopping cart.


Sharetribe is nowadays intriguing as it is built totally to help people create a multi-vendor online store. The platform lets you rest easy by knowing their focus on the only area of the multi-vendor website. From the beginning, this lets you have 300 vendors ending with the limit of 100,000 vendors. With this, you don’t need to use the normal sales strategy all the time as this allows rentals, services and much more. It’s set up is a quick process and provides multiple payment options like the credit card or online payments like PayPal.

Your vendors only need to create a listing and manage their own profiles along with the features that include photos, pricing, location and product information. It offers a white label design which attracts vendors as they can upload their own logos and the messaging and order management system works perfectly to let vendors have a great customer service.

Use these platforms and get the maximum possible ROI from your e-commerce website.

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