Hidden Storage Costs for Enterprises

Hidden Storage Costs for EnterprisesHidden Storage Costs for Enterprises

As the need for on-site storage increases, the challenge for enterprises to keep up with the fast pace employees create content is steadily increasing. Statistically, an average employee creates around 10 GB of data per year.

When corporate policies related to backup, off-site storage for disaster recovery and safeguarding information hit an enterprise, the storage costs start to skyrocket. Aside the on-site cost for managing data, the required IT hours is an important factor and are often not taken into account when calculating the overall storage costs.

In the below infographic we prepared an overview for an enterprise to calculate the costs classical storage vendors don’t want their customers to see (or hear about).

According to Gartner Research, unstructured data growth rate is expected at 35% year over year. This simple fact means an enterprise will need to double its storage capacity at least every third year.

Another interesting fact in nowadays is that busy world which most IT decision makers do not properly address is file sharing and collaboration, which in classical on-site data storage is not being correctly addressed. Modern employees love to work from home, or being able to access work-related files on the go, or while commuting from – and to work.

All this functionality increases the cost the enterprise, incurs and adds a bit more on the complexity an internal IT department needs to manage.

Obviously, there are alternatives which can cost effectively help enterprises to lower their storage cost up to 65%, especially as the cloud with all its private and hybrid solutions has come along.

Hidden Storage Costs for Enterprises

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