Do Ethanol Fireplaces Make a Safe Interior in your House?

Do Ethanol Fireplaces Make A Safe Interior In Your House

There were many studies conducted on various indoor ethanol fireplaces to find out if they are safe to use and can be added to enhance your living room’s beauty. Researchers also tested different technologies and types of materials being used in their making, and the findings clearly indicated that advanced automatic fireplaces are the only indoor fireplaces to be used without having to deal with any safety concerns.

  • Difference between Automatic and Manual Ethanol Fireplaces

    Generally, both automatic and manual ethanol fireplaces look similar but are totally different inside in term of the materials and technologies used in their production. There is a wide range of outstanding interior arrangements with fire which require diverse customization options of connecting a chimney. Many architects and interior designers prefer opting for an ethanol fireplace mainly because of its inviting benefits and long-lasting durability. While ethanol always turns out to be an incredible make, safety should be the top priority when choosing the right stuff. However, some designers lack adequate knowledge of the material hence choose poor quality material for a cheap price which often results in serious safety concerns harming the reputation of the relevant industry.

  • Is Ethanol Safe?

    Despite being commonly used, ethanol is an unsafe chemical. Ethanol fireworks are one of the most popular types of the interior being sold in the market; however, they produce a considerable amount of pollutants which may be harmful to human health. Also, it’s highly inflammable and contains particular flashpoints one should be aware of while using it. Some experts also say that ethanol is only safe unless it’s not set on fire.

    The origin plant of bioethanol is a green source of energy and completely reproducible. It produces no smell, smoke or ash when burn. Unlike other types of fireplaces, it doesn’t emit consequential carbon dioxide or carcinogenic substances during the burning process.

    However, the direct contact between the energy source and the burner can be dangerous just like manual products. This act can trigger the burning fuel to squelch around the flame or even burst into flames all of a sudden. Furthermore, such fires are tremendously at risk to slight airflows and can create unexpected fireballs, setting everything on fire.

    Planika was the first one to eliminate the above scenario and use the safe ethanol vapors technology to help you avoid the direct contact with the fire and enjoy stable and safe flames of the fireplace.

  • Automatic Fireplace Control System Are Safe

    With manual ethanol fireplaces, you do not have any control over the flame in the combustion process. In this type of fireplace, the temperature of burning fuel can rise in an uncontrolled manner and start to boil.  Usually, this allows you to turn the fire off or wait until the fuel finishes.  Advanced automatic fireplaces, on the other hand, use safety sensors and ethanol vapors technology to ensure balanced fuel temperature. They offer a controllable process of producing vapors and overall operation of the chimney.  Each automatic fireplace includes a microprocessor accompanied by a complete electronic system so you can control and regulate the flames using an easy-to-use control panel and remote control or smartphone.

  • How Automatic Ethanol Fireplaces Are Safe

    Manual fireplaces produced using low-quality substances have a tendency to collapse, leading to permanent damage to the device. Since these products are made under high temperature; they may emit harmful smoke and ash. Certified advanced automatic fireplaces offer the only way to protect you and your family’s health whilst decorating your living room with a beautiful chimney corner.

Planika’s automatic ethanol fireplaces are safe to use because of two reasons as described below:

  • The Original BEV Technology

    The company utilizes original BEV Technology™ when producing ethanol fireplaces that make it the safest and most advanced product of this genre. They have the only solution to offer the best burning process with no smoke, ash or smell.

  • Automatic Refill System

    Automatic ethanol fireplaces by Planika comes with an effective Automatic Refill System that effectively communicates with the gadget and delivers only needed the amount of the fuel. This way you can avoid tank from overfilling and eliminate the fuel leakage, making the fireplace usage safe and pleasurable.

About Author:

Planika is one of the pioneers in the ethanol fireplaces market niche. The company is recognized on an international scale, and it cooperates with architects and designers worldwide. Planika was one of the first companies to address the safety issues by equipping their fireplaces with technologies such as BEV (Burning Ethanol Vapors), Commerce Technology, or hi-end sensors controlling every stage of the burning process. The continuous development process and high-quality standards aim at harnessing the beauty of the flames in the safest form ever created.