9 Tips for Writing an Excellent Essay

9 Tips for Writing an Excellent Essay

Turn your essay writing challenges into opportunities. Don’t let essay writing pin you down. Remember, essay writing is a skill that can be developed. Not everybody is perfect.  No one expects you to write a perfect essay for the first time. Plus, if you don’t have the time to create a quality essay, you can still get custom writing from a reputable company to do it for you. So, if you are looking to write a quality essay, here are the top 9 tips you should keep in mind.

A Thesis Statement

Every essay should start with a powerful thesis statement. This is the guiding point for the entire essay. Ask yourself: what do I want to argue in the essay? Make your thesis statement as concise as possible. Also, ensure it incorporates all the key points.

Pro tip: Make a continual reference to the thesis statement throughout your essay. Also, don’t stray from the essay’s main points.

Create an Outline

An organized essay stands a good chance of being considered excellent. Thus, start your essay with a clear outline. The outline, among other things, should include:

  • How you are going to work from your thesis statement
  • Plot on how you’ll want the paper to flow
  • The key information to be included

With an outline, you will have it easy when it comes to the flow of the overall paper.

Embrace Self-awareness

The application section has a portion designated for showing off that word repertoire of yours. Don’t bother with it.

Just write naturally-like you normally speak. Don’t use “SAT” words on your personal statement. It makes you sound unnatural and is likely to detach a reader from your message. Just let the essay market you.

Express Yourself

Essay writing is meant to sell your skills to them. Not the other way round. Thus, write naturally. College or high school tutors look for authenticity, clarity, and quality thinking. Demonstrate how well you can think. Be clear with your logic and hold the attention of readers.

Be Open-Minded

Essay writing is all about expressing yourself in a clear and logical manner. Thus, before starting a long essay, explore for ways of looking into the issue from both sides. Of course, you can still concentrate on one side. However, listing similar points (on either side) can help you nail down the most important points to include in your essay. This way, you are able to learn more about your essay’s topic as well as enrich your vocabulary—which helps improve your essay. Thus, before writing your essay, consider exploring both sides of the main topic.

The Power of Thesaurus and the Internet Dictionary

During your stay in college, you might have learned lots of vocabularies and refined words. However, before walking them into your essay, ensure you understand their exact meaning. This will prevent you from writing them out of context. Use dictionaries to study their meanings. Make use of the thesaurus. With such resources, you are able to learn synonyms—which can help you pimp yo0ur essay and add more depth to it.

Dig deep!

Research. Conduct extensive research. Use different materials to refine the things you are going to write. If possible, seek the opinion of an expert. Most importantly, you should only use credible sources.

Take Time

Take your time. Remember, good ideas aren’t likely to come first. So, look at the theme of your essay from different angles. Look into your ideas and look again. Take time to explore.

Don’t Try so Hard

Don’t try to impress. Trust your guts. Just write naturally. Go creative. Remember, you don’t have to sound like Shakespeare. Make your writing smart and interesting. Embrace a sense of self-awareness as well as perspective—it makes your essay look more interesting.


Don’t let essay writing pin you down. You too, like those who have done it before, can pitch a quality essay. So, whether you are in college, high school, or university, the above essay writing tips can help you write that killer essay. Remember, this is a skill and it must be practiced. However, if you don’t have the time to write your essay, hire a research paper writer to help you out.

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