7 Reasons Why You Should Not Be Skipping Your Breakfast

7 Reasons why you should not be skipping your Breakfast7 Reasons why you should not be skipping your Breakfast

In today’s fast-paced world, many people find themselves busy in the morning to have proper breakfast. Many argue that they are not hungry when they wake up and do not want to eat anything substantial. Also, many think that they are dieting by skipping breakfast. In fact, people who skip breakfast are doing more harm to their health than good. According to a 2011 research by NPD group suggests that 11% of males and 13% in females are breakfast skippers. Moreover, there are many other researchers that have been conducted to show why people should eat their breakfast every morning even if you are not hungry or busy with other things.

Below mentioned are few of points which further assures why you should not skip your breakfast.

  1. Having regular breakfast improves your overall health

People who eat breakfast everyday are actually healthier as well. People who skip breakfast are under the assumption that it saves them calories which they can use throughout the day. This is by far the biggest misconception people have. By eating your breakfast in the morning you regulate your blood sugar levels early in the morning as your body will be deprived of sugar levels for close to 10-11 hours as that is the average time gap between your dinner and breakfast. Hence, the name breakfast (break + fast), you are breaking your fast by having a sensible meal in the morning. When you do not eat your breakfast, you will feel you are hungrier as your stomach is empty.

  1. Breakfast energizes you for the rest of the day

Eating your breakfast everyday gives you energy for the rest of the day. And if you skip your breakfast for various reasons, then you are just running on zero gas. Your breakfast will have all the nutrient supplements to help you perform at an optimal level at school or work. By not eating your breakfast you are starving your body for more than 12 hours since your last meal. By doing so you are depriving your body the normal glycogen levels and in turn, it starts depleting in your body leading to various health concerns.

  1. Breakfast = Better management of weight

Many people across the globe are under the assumption that if they eat less or skip breakfast they can better manage their weight. This is not true. If you want to lose weight and maintain your recent weight loss, then eating your breakfast is of paramount importance. Having a small and sensible breakfast will help you to curb your hunger all throughout the day. When you already have proper food in your body, you are less likely to eat junk food that surrounds while you are going about your day.

  1. Breakfast improves your cognitive skills throughout the day

According to the Journal of American Dietetic Association which reviewed 47 breakfast-related studies found that having breakfast in the morning will improve your cognitive functions throughout the day. You will be mentally sharper, alert, and attentive all day. In fact, there are certain breakfast foods that will give your brain a proper boost in the morning and helps you to perform your daily activities with a heightened sense of clarity and awareness. There are studies that suggest, that eating breakfast results in improving your memory, test grades and school attendance in children.

  1. Eating breakfast improves your vitamin and nutrient intake

If you are very keen on getting your daily dose of vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, and other nutrients on a daily basis, then you have to eat your breakfast daily in the morning. In fact, breakfast means that we start our day in a right way from a nutritional standpoint. If you have a balanced breakfast with the necessary fats, proteins, and complex carbohydrates then you are on your way to hit a jackpot with your daily nutrient intake targets. By skipping breakfast and just having two meals a day, you will end up struggling to provide essential nutrients to your body.

  1. Regular breakfast fights your cravings

Have you ever felt that after skipping your breakfast you are more drawn towards junk foods? The reason is very simple. When you do not eat your breakfast it makes high-calorie food that more appealing to you later in the day and you are more prone to binge eating which in turn will result in increasing your weight. Moreover, it is our brain that craves for these sugar-rich snacks to make up what we missed with our breakfast. So do a favor for your waistline and take some time out to have that healthy meal first thing in the morning.

  1. Eat breakfast every morning and set a good example

Lastly, by eating your breakfast every morning you are setting a good example at your home, especially when you have a young family with small kids who look up to you for best practices at home. There are a growing number of health concerns across the globe and setting a positive example by showing them the importance of healthy nutrition by not skipping their most important meal of the day.

Breakfast is an important meal and it helps you to start your day on the right foot. Please do not be under the misconception that by skipping breakfast that you will be cutting down on calories, in turn, your body will crave for more food and you end up eating more food that is rich in calories and adds unwanted weight and struggles again to get rid of it. As mentioned above eating your breakfast every day has immense benefits, make sure you do not skip it for any reason and stay healthy all along.

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