6 Tips Towards Maintaining Your Kid’s Health in Summer

6 Tips Towards Maintaining Your Kid’s Health in Summerrudyanderson / Pixabay

With summer holiday’s around the corner, children can get out of their school routine and hit outdoors to be more active. But lately, we are seeing kids to being more confined inside the walls of their home. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, children spend close to three hours in a day watching television, playing video games and surfing the internet.

It is this time of the year where kids put on weight due to physical inactivity. Schools provide necessary structure in a kid’s day, and without school these things go for a toss. Even parents who work all year will be unable to attend properly to their kids needs during the summer months. It is during this time of the year we see that their health deteriorates and parents need to be really careful with each and every aspect of their children’s health.

Below mentioned are few important tips to maintain your kid’s health in summer:

  1. Teach them mindful eating habits:

As a parent, start teaching your kids mindful eating habits. Do not encourage your kids to eat wherever they want to. Make them to sit down at the table and have their food. You may as well stock your pantry with healthy snacks at children’s eye level to promote better choices of diet going forward. Get those fresh summer fruits and keep them in a bowl which is very easy to grab.

  1. Stay cool and hydrated both indoors and outdoors:

Summer is the time where kids venture out with their friends may be on a camping trip or indulge in some outdoor activities. With sweltering heat, they need to be hydrated properly by having at least, four to five cups of water. Be a responsible parent by making sure they carry water in a plastic container (go for polycarbonate rather than polyethylene) wherever they go. With more sweating the more intake of water is absolute necessary.

  1. Do not overexpose your kids to the sun:

It is all good that your kids are enjoying outdoors and not indoors, but protect them from overexposure to sunlight as well. You can simply make sure they wear a hat and apply sunscreen (without excessive chemicals) all the time. Also if you have a garden grow Aloe Vera plant, if not ask your kids to carry Aloe Vera gel for sunburns which are caused due to overexposure. The Aloe Vera gel offers excellent remedy to any kind of burn.

  1. Enroll your kids for exercise program:

Because there is no school during summer, there is very less physical activity for kids. As schools have a certain structure to a kid’s day, and even kids are adjusted to the school breakfast and lunch program and they will be out of that food safety net for couple of months. So, enroll your kids with an exercise program such as aerobics to keep them fit and supple. As a parent, take a break from your daily job and take your kids to do some outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, swimming, tennis, and more. With the necessary physical activity during the summer, it will keep your kids body and mind aligned.

  1. Let your kids indulge in nature’s bounty:

Summer is the time where you get a lot of variety of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Make sure your kids consume foods that are cooling and light in the form of fresh fruits, raw vital salads, and vegetable juices which is coupled with lots of water. In fact, being a responsible parent you can totally cut down on junk foods at this point of time. Most of these fresh fruits and vegetables complement each other nicely in the form of nuts, sprouts, seeds, yogurt, and various types of cheese. You can even allow them to eat fish and poultry products as well at this time of the year.

  1. Spend some quality time with your family:

Kids look up to their parents all the time, so take some special summer time off with your family, kids, and friends who share enjoyment of outdoors. It can be as small as a one-day or a weekend trip with some good outdoor activity. You can go on a hike, camp, and enjoy your time at the riverbed. There are many such activities which show the kids the ropes of life, and this helps to rekindle their connection with nature which will have a long-lasting effect.


For parents, summer can be both nightmare and wonderful at the same time. It is this time of the year when kids put on weight and are prone to many other health-related disorders. As a parent, if you take proactive measures during summer, you can ensure your kids stay healthy and get back to school and other activities with a greater zeal.

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