5 Tech Skills that your Startup Needs in 2016 and Beyond

5 Tech Skills that your Startup Needs in 2016 and Beyondgeralt / Pixabay

In today’s world, startups play a key role in improving the economy on a global scale, and entrepreneurs can become a national asset and help in improving the overall standard of living to a great extent.  Startups have evolved over a period of time and it needs certain skills to meet the next-gen demands which are getting more and more complex.

There are many technology leaders who have showed us the way to combine tech skills to create great business entities. There are 7 key skills in particular that defines your startup that improves your chance to standout in the tech world.

Below are the 5 Tech Skills that your Startup Needs in 2016:

  1. Knowledge of IT Architecture:

This is a starting point of your next big thing in the tech world.  IT architecture forms the bedrock or many successful enterprises. Both SMBs and large MNCs are having great demand for enterprise architects, as enterprise software is critical and growing in importance.  A popular job portal report suggests there is a great demand for Data Engineers, Machine Learning with scrum experience, Front End Web Developers.  IT architecture knowledge represents importance and prominence in organizational structure down the line.

  1. Cloud Computing and Cloud Security:

With more and more enterprises embracing cloud platforms, knowledge of cloud computing and cloud security is vital in today’s service-based environment. With the emergence of hybrid cloud where it uses a mix of on-premises, third party and public cloud, enterprises rely more on building cloud security experts in-house to protect business critical data.

  1. Programming Skill for Emerging Technologies:

You may as well know that the app creation space is somewhat fading as it was a couple of years ago. But many large and mid-size companies are looking to upgrade their apps which cater to the demands of emerging technologies such as SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) stack. There is a significant demand for enterprise level apps where both multi-national corporations and startups are building robust internal applications. Programmers who are proficient in more than one language, along with Android and iOS specialists are in huge demand.

  1. Data analytics is the Way Forward:

The future of tech world which relies on emerging technologies in the form of Internet of Things (IoT) clearly belongs to data. Successful startups will be determined how well they can analyze their users’ data while protecting their privacy. Big Data and predictive analytics is the way forward to provide what customers’ are looking for even before they realize it. Having this knowledge of data analytics is what differentiates you from the rest of your competition. Moreover, this skill-set is on its verge to have ubiquitous demand for a long time.

Industry experts believe Full Stack Developers are in great demand at both enterprise architecture and programming level, and Cyber Security professionals are hard to find. Many service-based organizations find Data Analysts, Market Research Analysts, and Operational Research Analysts to be more relevant now and in future as well.

  1. Project Management Skills:

When startups grow from a single app to multiple product channels where they develop their own new ecosystem, it will be difficult to make that shift. This is where project management skills come to the fore, where everything and anything will be a project and you need to understand the intricacies of managing a project with improved timelines and commitments going forward. According to PMI’s ‘Global Talent Gap Report’, close to 16 million project management job roles will be created by 2020. That is a huge demand for project practitioners across the globe from small, medium and large organizations. Because project managers can manage both business complexities and technical aspects of a project they are the most sought-after job positions around the world.


Startups are the future engines of economy and to run them effectively, the above-mentioned skill sets are required at varied capacities. Ensure your startup has ticked all the right boxes and make sure your mission and startup culture fit the purpose and create an environment where these skill sets are able to thrive.

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