5 Effects of Sleeping on an Old Mattress

5 Effects of Sleeping on an Old Mattress

An old, worn out mattress is one thing that most homeowners do not fret about as long as it can give you support when you rest at night. However, mattresses should be replaced when they get old and no longer serve their purpose. This is because using a bad mattress can negatively affect the quality of your sleep and your overall health. Here is what you need to know about how an old, worn out mattress can affect your health and sleep.

Relieve Stress

Acquiring a new mattress can relieve your stresses. It has been proven that individuals who replace their old mattresses experience lesser amounts of stress than they previously had. This is because they felt less pain on their shoulders and back at night because they get better sleep, making them more productive during the day. If you feel extremely stressed, then a change of mattress can eliminate this feeling.

Premature Aging

A bad sleep at night can negatively affect your skin both in the long term and short term. For example, people tend to have black half moon shapes under their eyes after waking up from a restless night or lack of sleep. Studies have revealed that women who sleep better have younger looking, supple skin than those who suffer from insomnia. Women who fail to have good sleeping patterns at night show increased symptoms of aging.


Some people tend to be allergic to their mattresses and the residues in it. Dust mites, dust, and cat hair are microscopic materials that can be found on the surface of your mattress. These allergens can flare up your allergies making you to continuously sneeze or have difficulty breathing at night. Checking a few nectar bed reviews and replacing your old mattress will be the best thing to do to avoid these allergies.


Insomnia and poor sleeping patterns can cause daytime fatigue resulting in lower productivity during the day. If you have low energy during the day, you should check the role that your mattress may play in your mental or physical fatigue. You may find that a new mattress will relieve this fatigue and you will regain your energy and productivity.

Low Libido

Less sleep or insomnia is associated with reduced sex drive. Research has proven that lack of sleep results in a significant decrease in libido in both men and women. In men, insomnia causes reduced levels of testosterone. The link between low sex drive and poor sleeping patterns is common for both men and women. However, men tend to suffer more side effects because the lack of sleep can also result in a reduced sperm count and erectile dysfunction.

You will be surprised at how much effect a bad mattress can have on your health, wellness, and quality of life. If you are not getting adequate sleep or wake up feeling tired, then your mattress may be the culprit. Make sure that you replace your old mattress with a good quality one so that you can enjoy good sleep at night and have good health always.

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