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Literature or the world of written works has long been a close friend of mankind. A book can be one’s best friend. The world of literature is one that is vast, rich and has so much to offer irrespective of age, religion or interest. From fiction to non-fiction here is a journey that just about any one can enjoy and also relate to in many ways than one. It is in fact, the best way to gather information or gain knowledge. The literary world has seen a huge number of authors who have preferred to use the written word as a form of expression. Beautiful stories weaved out of imagination or bringing to light unknown facts, the written word is truly a great teacher and has so much that slowly unfolds as you delve deeper. One of the earliest known works of literature is the “Epic of Gilgamesh”.

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  • Love Poems : Source to find love poems verses about feelings, love metaphors built from nature. Includes poems for soul, about love, hope, life, trust, freedom of love and life.

  • Book Spot : Resouce for wide range of book reviews, awards, online texts, reading lists, author and publisher information, stores, book news, events and much more.

  • Book List Online : Featuring over thousands of book reviews, as well as audiobook, video and database reviews published by American library association.

  • : Books search engine, providing online and remote research tools for individuals, book stores, librarians and scientists.

  • LibriVox : Providing audio books from public domain in MP3, OGG, and podcast formats.

  • New Fiction : Offers a library of audio books created by professional actors that brings new fiction stories to life.

  • Today in Literature : Resource for information about great people, books, characters and events in literary history.

  • Wired for Books : Offering mp3 downloads of audio books including poems, stories, plays, essays, lectures and interviews for children and adults.

  • APWN : Promotes writers, individuals and organizations that work with language and stories to cooperate among writers everywhere.

  • Words Without Borders : Publishes selected prose and poetry on the web and in print anthologies, as well as stage special events that connect foreign writers to general public and media.

  • Read Write Poem : Online magazine and social network for poets, featuring daily articles, topic-specific groups and discussion forums.

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