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Dance is undoubtedly an art form that is the perfect blend of beauty and elegance. An art form that requires movement of different parts of the body gracefully and in keeping with the rhythm, this is an art that requires immense practice and dedication to perfect. The dances may be performed individually, with a partner or as a group. It is generally performed on a music however, this is not a rule as such. There are several different dance forms that have been developed all across the globe. From the classical styles to the modern, this form of expression has undergone several changes over time. Tango, Waltz, Salsa and ballroom dancing are some examples of the classical western style of dance. This art form is a form of expression that requires great talent and skill. A dance may be performed for personal satisfaction or also for entertaining an audience. Most of the present day occasion have dance as a piece of entertainment. Works that combine different styles (fusion) have come to be a common trend these days.

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  • : World's most popular bellydance site, offering articles related to belly dancing, historical and cultural information, advice, translated Middle Eastern song lyrics and much more.

  • Ballroom Dancers : Source for online video instructions for basic combinations of American and international dance styles.

  • Cyber Dance : An extensive dance database containing hundreds and thousands of links to classical ballet and modern dance resources.

  • Adult Ballet : Provides Russian ballet lessons to adults. Also offers ballet accessories along with pictures.

  • : Source for wide range of information about Kjersti Alveberg and her life with dance and choreography on stage, television and theater.

  • Jerome Robbins : Providing information about Robbins choreography, as well as his work as a director and choreographer in theater, movies and television.

  • All About Dance : Located in Chicago, offering professional dance instruction for both kids and adults.

  • Farrell Academy : Established in 1977, provides students with quality dance training for all ages.

  • Joffrey Ballet School : Offering versatile training program as well as preparing students for a professional career in classical and contemporary dance.

  • Anthony King : Choreographer, author and artist from London, England, teaching various styles including commercial pop and the acclaimed michael jackson style dance class.

  • All About Dance : Offering discount dancewear, shoes, capezio dancewear, tights and leotards for gymnastics, tap, ballroom, jazz, pointe and ballet.

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