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The liberties of communication media is very important for the proper functioning of the state. It is the media which play a crucial role in the education, awareness and awakening of the mass. It is the media which is operational in election of a Government. Media brings light to the facts which would otherwise remain unknown to the people. They also reveal situations from other parts of the world that they may compare and decide. In United Kingdom several modes of communication media coexist ? television, radio, newspaper, magazines and websites with negligible contention among themselves. Actually these disparate modes complement each other?s utilities. However there are varying levels of contentions in their respective fields as there are a huge number of service providers. Despite the rising popularity of Internet as a communication medium and the television improvising every second day, the print media comprising of the newspaper, magazines and business journals have never lost out on popularity. The radio is a broadcast form of communication media which has held its ground since its days on invention. This still serves as the only means of catching up with the news when one is on the run.

Site Listings
  • Bulgarian News Network : Provides quick and accurate reports on politics, business, finance and sports.

  • Digital Syndicate : Europe's television and entertainment site featuring news, music and more from around the world.

  • EUobserver : Offering latest news about the European Union, political news, economic and social affairs, defence and much more.

  • Financial Times : Offers current online news on business, finance, investment data, economic and political news.

  • Italy Magazine : Magazine featuring wide range of information from property, food, places, fashion, sport, lifestyle, history, art to holidays in Italy.

  • Maisonneuve Magazine : Montreal-based quarterly magazine covers latest information on arts, politics, music and anything else curious.

  • Netherlands Post : Provides informmation and news on Netherlands current events, business, finance, economy, sports and more.

  • Portugal News, The : Largest English language newspaper, covering latest news, weather forecasts, calendars and much more.

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