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UK is the region which has a history of epidemic diseases seizing the population by hundreds during the Medieval Period. Indigenous methods of cure and treatment were resorted to then which often aggravated the conditions. Much water has washed the banks of Thames since Adequate measures and aids for the healthcare of a nation features among the foremost duties of the State. Developed healthcare facilities attainable by all characterizes a developed nation. With the rate of advancement in technology enabled medical sciences, it is barely human to keep pace with the upgradations available. It therefore falls on the Government to keep the citizens aware of the options to healthcare which they can avail for themselves and their families. Also with the progress in the field of medicine rises the cost of treating a person. It is again for the State to create awareness on the necessity of health insurance also allow benefits from the same. In UK the states take a stance in the proper experimentation before issuing license on any drug. Also UK is home to many prestigious medical schools offering advanced medical degrees.

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  • Bridge Centre, The : Based in London, provides investigation and treatment of infertility treatments, including IVF, ICSI, DI, PGD and gynaecology.

  • Care Fertility : World's leading provider of IVF, genetic diagnosis and screening techniques at clinics across UK.

  • E-Zec Medical : Established in 1998, provides quality, fully tailored ambulance transport solutions to the NHS and private sector throughout the country.

  • : Provides wide range of information on different types of diseases and conditions related to men and women.

  • System C : Specialized in providing IT solutions for healthcare services in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

  • WhatClinic : Online resource helps users to find and compare dentists and cosmetic surgery clinics around the world.

  • Womens Health Concern : Charitable organisation offering support and advice on a wide range of health issues related to women.

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