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In the United Kingdom, education is devolved to the Government of respective countries such as the UK Government is delegated the education system of England, the Welsh Government is responsible for the same in Wales, the Scottish government in Scotland and Northern Ireland executive in Northern Ireland. The education system in the UK follows a 5-tier pattern ? early years, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Further Education and Higher Education. Education is compulsory for all children within ages 5 and 16. Further and Higher educations are not mandatory. Many students bypass the Further Education by enrolling in Tertiary Education Institutes. UK boasts of some premier universities of the world of the likes of the Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College. Higher education is also pursued by student from abroad. Education in the UK comes cheaper than their American counterparts. For example, the Bachelor?s degrees in the UK can be completed in three years and Master?s degrees in only one. Each year hundreds of students seek admission in colleges and universities of UK. While most of the students apply for Humanities subjects like, English language, art history, literature, media sciences etc, there are others who look for advanced degrees in medicine, dentistry and other engineering subjects.

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  • ATG Training : Provides apprenticeships in business & administration, childcare, customer service, team leader, electronic engineering and more.

  • British Council : International education organisation, offers the opportunity for students and graduates to live and work across 14 countries.

  • Harrow Academy : Situated in central Harrow, provides students' with English language education in a friendly and stimulating environment.

  • Kids Front : Offers step by step puzzles, rhymes, coloring pages, printable worksheets, stories, dictionary for kids.

  • Manchester Driver Training : One of the premier providers of driving lessons throughout the North West. The lessons we provide are done so by a team of experienced driving instructors.

  • Netwind Learning Center : Provides online IT certification and computer training courses for students. Includes A+, Network+, java, microsoft office, ASP.NET, and more.

  • Simon & Simon : Offers a range of business language training courses throughout UK and worldwide.

  • SSC Alliance : Promotes and supports the sector skills councils across UK. Includes contact details of all councils and details of current projects.

  • : Offers online English grammar with easy games and lessons. Printables available for teachers and students.

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