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A Passport is an official document issued to an individual by the Government of the country to which he or she belongs. Passports help establish the identity of the person and contain details like the name, date of birth, country and other information about a person. It is a document that is essential while traveling abroad. A passport does not alone allow a person to travel abroad, there are other documents needed for international travel. A Visa too is an official document issued by the Government of a country. Visa is the permission given by a country allowing a person to enter the particular country. The visa is issued for a particular time period and requires certain conditions to be satisfied. A visa or permission is an essential requisite for a person to travel to a foreign country. A visa is only a permission to enter the country and stay there for a particular period, a special permission or permit is required for carrying out other activities like work. Any person traveling abroad must ensure that all travel documents like the passport and visa are carried and all rules be strictly adhered to.

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  • : This service provides you with an EHIC Card with no hidden payments easily and swiftly, making that dream holiday of yours around Europe not a dream anymore.

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  • EngRus Ltd : Provides services that are designed in order to give the level of support that a person needs for a stress-free experience. Intends to help through every step of the visa application process.

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