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Women play an important role in any and every society. Women are adults belonging to the female gender. Women are the creators and have been bestowed with the power to give birth to young ones and thus, ensure continuity of the human race. In the olden days women mainly played the role of the nurturer, being at home and looking after the young was the primary role. However, with the changing times the role of women too has undergone a sea change. Women are now at par with men in every respect. Women have learnt to balance the home and work and have moved on to show their caliber, merit and skills in every walk of life. With education and equal employment opportunities women have gone on to conquer the world and prove their worth almost everywhere.

Site Listings
  • Women Australia : Online source for biographical data about Australian women and their organisations and libraries where records are held and to other sources of information.

  • Gifts of Speech : Dedicated to preserve and create access to speeches by inspirational, influential and contemporary women from around the world.

  • Women of Color Day : Established to build a strong national network for women of African, American Indian and Pacific Island heritages and to advance the issues of women of color.

  • NFAW : Dedicated to promote and protect the interests of Australian women and ensure the aims and ideals of women’s movement and its collective wisdom are handed to new generations women.

  • Guerrilla Girls : Group of women artists fighting discrimination in politics, arts, film and pop culture with facts, humor and fake fur.

  • Learning Partnership : Providing wide range of information to empower women and girls in the Global South through leadership training and capacity building.

  • Madre.org : International women's human rights organization uses human rights to advance social justice.

  • Equality Romania : Founded in 2004 to promote gender equality and an end to gender-related violence and discrimination, specifically on rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment in Romania.

  • Reproductive Rights : Nonprofit, legal advocacy organization lies at the heart of the promise of human dignity, self-determination and equality embodied in both the U.S. constitution and the universal declaration of human rights.

  • AWID : Offers the latest news, in-depth analysis, practical tools, announcements and jobs on women

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