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The term “philosophy” finds its origin in the Greek word “Philosophia” meaning love of wisdom. Philosophy refers to the indepth study of a particular study. The study involves critical analysis of the available facts and other information to be able to draw conclusions. Philosophy generally deals with areas like life, death, God to name a few. The approach is rather systematic and the field of study tries to analyse the facts in a rational manner. The subject under consideration may be very basic or fundamental or on an advanced level. The different branches of philosophy include areas like the philosophy of language, politics, religion, metaphysics to name a few. The people who undertake the study are known as philosophers. Different philosophers may have their own opinions and conclusions regarding different issues and there is really no laid down set of rule for this.

Site Listings
  • : Established a network of international co-operation with distinguished philosophers, experts in argumentation and researchers in artificial intelligence from leading universities throughout the world.

  • Conference Alerts : Based in South Africa, a global organization maintaining an extensive, constantly updated database for worldwide academic conferences from various categories related to philosophy.

  • ISNS : International society for Neoplatonic studies promotes the study of philosophy of Plato and its long tradition from all perspectives.

  • Philosophy of Education : Promotes the study, teaching and application of philosophy of education also guides to the Society's activities and details about the journal of philosophy of education and impact.

  • Philosophy of Education : Canadian philosophy of education society is devoted to philosophical inquiry into educational issues and their relevance for developing educative, caring, schools and communities.

  • NEPES : Provides an opportunity for the study of philosophy of education, including historical and social contexts of education.

  • Ars Disputandi : Online journal provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and arguments and promotes research of issues in philosophy of religion.

  • Philosophy of Religion : Explores arguments for and against theism, atheism and agnosticism, including classic proofs and disproofs of God's existence.

  • Political Theory : Providing wide range of comprehinsive details on political theory and philosophy, updated every week.

  • Husserl Page : Provides wide range of net resources pertaining to the life and work of 20th century philosopher, Edmund Husserl.

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