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Military or defence of the country refers to the organization that is empowered by the Government or ruler of the country to protect its boundaries and interests. This activity is carried on by the military through the use of weapons. Every country or nation has a military force of its own to protect its own interests and also for the display of power. Militaries today are also used for showing off the power of a particular country. The organization may have several branches and divisions within itself and there is a specific hierarchy that is followed. The soldiers are taught to carry out the orders and do their best for the completion of their tasks. The military is expected to execute the national defence policy of a country and is an esteemed section of the society. The organization functions both during war and peace time. During peace time all efforts are made to sharpen the skills of the men and also prepare machinery and keep ready for any emergency.

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  • : Provides timely, quality advice to help the Government make well-informed decisions about the defence of New Zealand and its interests.

  • : Provides wide range of information about the defence force, military jobs, infantry soldiers, quartermasters, medics, military history, current operations, recruitment and job details.

  • Paradigm Secure : Provides wide range of mobile voice, video, internet and broadcast communications for the UK armed forces, government departments and other agencies.

  • ASAC Australia : Providing free assistance in relation to pensions, welfare, compensation and entitlements to serving and ex-serving members of the ADF and their families.

  • Bharat Rakshak : Providing the latest and most comprehensive details on Indian army, navy, air force as well as para military forces and other defence matters.

  • USMA : World’s premier development institution, developing cadets intellectually, physically, militarily, ethically, spiritually and socially.

  • Armed Forces : Provides a range of valuable information about the organisation and structure of UK's defence services, including details of major equipments and systems currently in use.

  • UKNDA : UK's national defence association formed to support armed forces and to campaign for sufficient, appropriate and fully funded armed forces to provide an effective defence to its people and their security.

  • Sarkar Defence : Specialized in designing, manufacturing and supplying innovative and effective body armour and tactical equipments.

  • TAPS : Established to provide comfort and care through comprehensive services and programs including peer based emotional support, case work assistance, crisis intervention and trauma resources.

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