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Government refers to a ruling body, generally of the state or a country. The Government of any country or state is the body that has the powers or the right to take decisions, form rules or laws, implement it and ensure that the people adhere to the rules and law. The Government may be of many types. From democracy, monarchies to dictatorship all are different forms of this ruling body. The Government may be local, national or international depending on the area governed by it. Depending on the area governed the tasks to be handled by a Government vary. The ruling body or the Government is formed in different ways under different types. For instance in a democracy the Government is elected by the people whereas on the other hand, in a dictatorship the ruler imposes himself on the people and the people have little or no say in the law making process.

Site Listings
  • Assembly of European Regions : Organization serving as political voice of European regions and key regional competence partner for European and international institutions.

  • : Improves the well-being of Asian Pacific Americans by ensuring their access to participate in the field of government, business, education and other areas.

  • : Official site offering information on what the government is doing, makes new laws, set taxes and debates the issues of the day.

  • : Official UK government website for citizens, delivering wide range of information and practical advice about public services.

  • : Established to help Government achieve better value for money and efficiency in public procurement and greater success with programmes and projects in the public sector.

  • : Official web portal for all government transactions, services and information. Also provides direct online access to federal, state, local and tribal governments.

  • : Source for wide range of information about president, white house news and policies, history and federal government.

  • Government Contracts USA : Offering wide range of comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of businesses who want to benefit from starting or expanding business relationship with government.

  • Goi Directory : Directory of official web sites of various departments of the government India.

  • : Designed, developed and hosted by national informatics centre, the premier ICT organisation of the government of India under the aegis of department of information technology, ministry of communications and information technology.

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