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Ethnic group refers to a group of people who are bound by a common trait. The people in the group identify with one another based on a common trait. It may be anything from nationality, language, religion, ancestry or even physical appearance. One may belong to a particular ethnic group as a result of birth or due to communication or interaction with one another. The common factor may pertain to belonging to a particular nation or may even narrow down to a specific state or region. The word ethnic or ethinicity comes from the Greek word “Ethonos” which means nation. The ethnic group may be one which is based on a common trait that includes people from different places or may be one that is narrowed limiting itself to people from a small area or region.

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  • African Community : Provide services, programs and consulting that satisfy the needs of most vulnerable segments of the African-born community.

  • Afrocentric Experience : Providing wide range of information on African American, Caribbean and African life, culture and history.

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