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Crime refers to any activity that involves going against the law of the land. Every country or nation has a set of rules or laws that are laid down. Any person breaking these laws is termed as a criminal. The society certainly does not have a good opinion about people who break laws and there is a social stigma attached to crimes and criminals. The offences or the crimes identified by different countries and their degrees do vary from one place to the other. The punishment decided by the law for any crime is also different in different countries. Agencies like the police and the military are employed for the prevention of different types of crime. The punishments laid down for crimes may include anything from payment of a penalty, imprisonment to even a death sentence in case of crimes like murder.

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  • Society Crimes : Updated database of crime related websites and resources. Includes photographs, information, biographies and crimes history of hundreds of infamous criminals and fugitives.

  • Longmere Enquiry Agents : Professional enquiry agent company offering variety of enquiry agent services including process server, background checks, UK missing person traces and private investigation.

  • Center for Women and Families : Provides services for victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, spousal abuse, dating violence, and offers family therapy in Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

  • Crime Scene Cleanup : Offers professional cleaning following homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, and decomposition issues.

  • Abel Screening : Providing therapists and criminal justice professionals with tests that protects communities from sex abusers.

  • History : Details on medical practices that ancient Egyptians followed like bloodletting, trepanation, etc are found.

  • True Crime Library : Leading international crime magazine, providing complete resource for news and stories about non fictional crimes.

  • True Crime Report : Providing wide range of latest crime news, scene photos, statistics, homicides, stories and missing persons information.

  • : Provides online information services such as arrest stories, federal prisons, death row and other related topics.

  • Crime & Justice : Independent charity based in London that aims to promote just and effective responses to crime and related harms by informing and educating through critical analysis, research and public debate.

  • Crime Reports : Largest crime-mapping and sex offender website in the world, offering affordable, easy-to-use software tools for law enforcement agencies to understand crime trends and share current neighborhood crime data with the public.

  • Va Online : Providing wide range of information, research and networking resource for victim assistance specialists.

  • Gang Land News : Provides information and excerpts from the author's novels, as well as current mafia news, family histories and related resources.

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