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Auctions refer to the procedure of buying and selling products. In an auction the seller puts forward the product and there are a group of buyers who make bids for it. The highest bidder gets the product. Auctions are carried out based on certain rules. The auctions are of different types and some require that the bidder or the buyer be present physically. However, now with the internet proving to be a popular mode for shopping, there are a number of online auctions that allow people to participate and buy products of their choice sitting right at home. Auctions have been an integral part of the society for a long time now. It allows the buyer to choose from a variety of products and get the product at a good price. Auctions are a good way of buying and selling for both the buyer and the seller. The seller too enjoys the advantage of having a number of buyers and getting a fair price for his product. There are several sites online that conduct auctions thus, making available a wide variety of products to the prospective buyer.

Site Listings
  • Hampel Auctions : Specialized in paintings, furniture and sculpture of 15th, 16th and 19th century.

  • Total Bids : UK’s completely online auction site where user can sign up, buy, sell and shop for free.

  • Knife Auction, The : Dedicated exclusively to buying or selling different types of knives and knife related items online.

  • Proxibid - Live Auctions : An online auction site featuring live auctioneers and real-time bidding. Bid on fine art, antiques, farm & construction equipment, real estate, vehicles, & more!

  • : Largest brand name and jewelry auction site, offering outstanding jewelry, watches, sunglasses and other accessories from leading brands, including Faberge, Di Modolo, Gucci, Chanel, Carrera y Carrera, Valentino, Versace and many more.

  • Quicksales : Australia based online auctions website with over 1 million items for sale. Provides free listings for sellers and with easy to use interface.

  • Bid or Buy : Trading place that brings buyers and sellers together and allows them to bid, buy or sell cameras, computers, diamonds, coins, cars and more on auction at cheap prices.

  • Upper Bid : Online site where bidders can bid on products from sellers living within the United States.

  • Iron Globe : Online auction site offering wide range of used construction equipment including backhoes, dozers, excavators and other earth-moving equipment.

  • U-Bid : Leader in online auctions, delivering the best discount merchandise from certified sellers such as sony, dell computers, gateway computers, apple iPods, westinghouse and other brand name products.

  • Live Auctioneers : Online auctions from around the world at Live Auctioneers, bid on collectibles, antiques, jewelry and art auctions.

  • Auction-Warehouse : Auctions site for various items and great deals on computers, electronics, office products, tools, collectibles, jewelry and much more.

  • PoundSeller : An UK based unique online auction website to buy books, cars, clothes, consumer electronics, sporting goods, vehicle parts and more. Provides first listing free. Accepts no commission or sales fees, an alternative to ebay.

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