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With the real estate business having a new dimension altogether, it is a field that employs a large number of professionals in very ambitious projects. From qualified architects, designers to the financiers and workers there are several categories of people involved at different stages of the construction and planning process. With big projects that are highly complex, the use of computers in this field is one that is very common today. Computers allow the use of varied real estate software that makes the planning and execution of projects simpler and also quicker. There are a number of real estate software in use today from general ones to the very task-oriented. Property analysis, payroll softwares, designing softwares to the financial softwares for preparing accounts, there are a myriad real estate sofwares that are in use in today’s real estate field. Real estate software have made work much simpler for the professionals in the field, however, there has a been a rise in the need for qualified personnel who would be able to make the best use of the real estate software.

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  • Pinga Solutions : IT services company specialized in providing ERP, software development and web solutions and design to a wide range of industries.

  • Realty ERP : Provides flexible real estate software solution to real estate businesses, builders and developers, agents, consultants and others to manage complex business processes.

  • Go Master Key : Global leader in web based real estate company, dedicated exclusively to meet the needs of real estate professionals.

  • Open Realty : Privately held software company in London, England, specialized in real estate accesible property software and integrated internet solutions.

  • Independent Software : Independent company, established in 1999, offering leading edge software technology for estate agents.

  • Property Boulevard : Providing complete property management software, with full accounting for commercial and residential properties.

  • : Delivering web-based software solutions to plan, build, manage and grow geographically dispersed operating sites, projects, assets and real estate properties.

  • Rental Software : Software for real estate investors, agents and brokers to determine cash flow, investment return, and print colorful presentational reports.

  • Realty Ware : Professional real estate and property management software for international estate agencies and realtors.

  • Lasso Data Systems : Leading developer and marketer of innovative CRM software for real estate industry.

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