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Mortgages are a good way to raise money to buy property. With several banks and financial institutions providing the opportunity in has become possible for more and more people to make sound investments in real estate. Mortgage refers to transferring the interest in a property to a third party for some time and in exchange availing a loan. The interest in the property would be handed back to the owner upon repayment of the loan amount. An interest is charged for the loan amount by the lender. In case of non-repayment of the loan, the lender has the right to sell the property mortgaged and get back his dues. Mortgage works as an important instrument beneficial for both the lender and the borrower. The borrower is able to get the money required for a low rate of interest and the lender is assured of repayment of loan.

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  • Free Mortgage Calculator : Provides online tools which assists in calculating monthly mortgage costs.

  • Your Mortgage : Providing wide range of news, tips, information on every aspect of mortgages and remortgages in UK.

  • Major Mortgage : Specialized in a wide variety of loan programs such as FHA, VA, conventional, purchases and refinances, self-employed borrowers, investment purchasers and much more.

  • Home Mortgage HQ : Source for a wide range of information about home mortgage options, loans, rates, refinancing for new and experienced home buyers and more.

  • BJB Financial Services : Providing with the most appropriate and impartial financial advices on all individual circumstances.

  • Maico Home Loans : Providing wide range of mortgage solutions for all real estate finance needs.

  • : Leading provider of mortgage, refinance, FHA and jumbo home loans.

  • iMortgage Central : Provides unique opportunity for people seeking home loans to secure the best mortgage rates.

  • Buy Your Home Guide : Providing useful information about mortgage loans, resources, refinancing and more.

  • : Leading online resource for financial security for life, health and retirement needs of middle market Americans.

  • : Offering the best mortgage rates for refinancing or puchasing in Florida, California, Arizona and more.

  • My Loan Express : Uvas Yu is a Chinese real estate professional offering financial products in and around San Jose. Specializes in residential, commercial and small business loans.

  • UK Property Development Finance : Property development finance company in the UK specializes in providing development loans to property developers throughout the UK. Offers loans to residential properties and lands.

  • Refinance Mortgage Calculator : Quickly estimate monthly payments on a new loan to see how long it will take to break even versus an existing mortgage.

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