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Property development is an activity that involves the right execution of plans. The property bought assumes greater value only when it is developed appropriately. The developers are involved at every stage of the transition of the property. After the property is purchased, the plans for development are executed after raising the necessary finance. The developers undertake a tremendous amount of risk trying to put the plans into action. Development may involve anything from constructing a building or adding value to the property in any other way like landscaping and making the land more useful. Property development involves huge investment and thus, comes the huge risk too. The developers generally have deep pockets and are able to finance all the development works with the additional amount raised from third parties like banks and other financial institutions.

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  • Durst Fetner : Commercial and residential development company develops, builds and manage wide range of premiere properties throughout New York metropolitan area.

  • : One stop shop for commercial and residential real estate develop, build, lease, own and manage commercial, industrial, educational and residential properties in Central and Western New York area.

  • Armada Hoffler : Nation's premier commercial real estate and construction company, specialized in the development, construction and ownership of institutional grade real estate located throughout US.

  • Terranomics Development : Privately owned real estate company, specialized in creating, marketing and managing unique properties that brings new possibilities and new life to places.

  • Mansion Property Development : Specializing in developing residential homes, villas and mansions in overseas areas including Greece, Mediterranean, Europe and worldwide.

  • Vanguard Equities : An property developing company specializing in the development commercial real estate properties.

  • Real Estate Developer : Leading real estate developers in Texas, New York, Georgia and California, featuring commercial real estate developers, with profiles of construction companies and property managers and a directory of real estate developers around United States.

  • Alexander Baldwin : Multi market transportation and real estate company, offering property development and management for residential and commercial properties in Hawaii.

  • Columbia Builders Inc : Incorporated residential land development company, specialized in developing new homes in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

  • : Nation's largest real estate organizations involved in all aspects of ownership, management, leasing and development of quality, office properties.

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