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Appraisal refers to the process of ascertaining the market value of a particular property. The market value of the property is determined by a number of factors like the demand, the level of development of the property, nature of the property and the location to name a few. The market value definitely differs from one place to the other. The market value of the property gives a good idea at which the property may be bought and sold. However, the transaction may occur at a price more than or less than the actual market price depending on the individual seller and buyer. A land valuer appointed as the appraiser is the one who makes the appraisal regarding the market value of the property. Depending upon the individual characteristics of the specific the market value would differ.

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  • Real Estate Appraisers : Real estate directory consists of residential and commercial appraisers by state and city with articles.

  • : Commercial and residential appraisal company providing professional real estate appraisal services in the Miami Valley since 1984.

  • Pickett Services : Dedicated in delivering professional real estate appraisal in Houston, Kingwood, Amarillo and surrounding areas in Texas.

  • AG Values : Company specialized in commercial real estate valuation as well as consulting and analysis services.

  • Office of Real Estate Appraisers : Licensing and enforcement of real estate appraisal related laws and regulations in the state of California.

  • MS Appraisers : Real estate appraisal and consulting association specialized in hotels, restaurants, agricultural, commercial and non-residential properties.

  • : Since 1931, industrial appraisal company providing services for buildings, real estate, fine arts and other tangible assets to both public and private sectors.

  • K Street Appraisal : A nationwide residential and commercial real estate appraisal company featuring online appraisal ordering, real-time status updates, & electronic report delivery.

  • Advanced Appraisal : Specialized in the appraisal of industrial, Office, Retail and residential properties in California and across the United States.

  • AMES Appraisal : Founded by Ronald Ames in 1973, best location on the World Wide Web for real appraisal and consulting services in the South Florida Area and beyond.

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