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Marketing is an activity that plays an important role in the life of any product. In fact, so much so that, the life of the product or the organization is determined by the effectiveness of the marketing strategy employed. Marketing services play an important role in identifying the target audience, reaching out to them and creating the right image for the brand. Marketing services may be carried out in-house by the organization or even outsourced to an agency that specializes in the field. Marketing services help to create the right brand image that would ultimately result in the boost of sales. Effective marketing is essential for any organization and thus, this is an area that requires special attention and care. With competition making it increasingly difficult for an organization to succeed, the right marketing strategy and an extremely good product is what would help a company to break through and create a niche for itself.

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  • Consult IMS : Provides a range of international marketing services, such as export marketing, web site development, import products, export products, logistics and international support of negotiations.

  • : Independent direct marketing agency with offices in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and USA, offering cutting-edge integrated marketing solutions to companies who want to acquire, retain and build relationships with customers, distribution and sales channels.

  • Discount Click : Specialized in increasing companies website marketing efforts and search engine traffic to increase online sales for business.

  • Inland IMS : Located in La Crosse, WI, offering complete, value-added business solutions on growing business.

  • Agent Interactive : Privately held company based in Hertzlia, Israel, provides leading proprietary search engine marketing tools and services.

  • : SEO friendly internet marketing and website marketing services company dedicated to target marketing business to increase online sales and visibility.

  • Affinity Marketing Services : Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, provides outstanding services at traditional advertising, marketing and graphic design agency, making your investment extremely cost-effective.

  • Dallas Marketing Services : Providing marketing ideas, tips and social media marketing resources to assist businesses with optimizing their online and offline marketing efforts.

  • Custom Services Ltd : Provides a full range of online marketing services to boost site traffic, multiply business opportunities and outperform the competition for a target set of keywords by improving online visibility and increasing the number of site visitors.

  • : Develops a wide variety of fulfillment services, marketing program management services, print services, consumer promotions services and technology services.

  • Experience Surveys - ExperienceSurveys.Com : Companies all over the world use to get feedback from actual customers. People are encouraged to offer their thoughts and opinions on products, customer service, value and more.

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