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An urban area generally refers to a place with high density of population like cities or towns. They are more modernized compared to villages or hamlets. Modernization in urban places can be due to various reasons like growth of industries, construction of high-rise apartments and buildings, etc. Life in urban areas is fast paced unlike rural places. There are many opportunities to earn a living and people can have any profession of their choice in which they wish to make a career. In urban areas it is very difficult to find open spaces in urban areas as most of these places are used to build new buildings, offices, apartments or shopping malls. However, life in cities and towns has many advantages. People are offered with many opportunities in terms of education, jobs and even accommodation. An individual is never bored as they are offered with many activities related to pleasure like nightclubs, casinos, restaurants, etc. Therefore, more and more people are migrating to cities in search of opportunities.

Site Listings
  • Grid Skipper : Urban travel guide that updates individuals about hotels, night life, people, and restaurants around the globe.

  • Sustainable City News : Provider of urban news, information, and resources about sustainable cities, smarter homes, healthy environments in cities and so on since 1999.

  • Self Sufficient ISH : Provides details about indoor vegetation, soils, seeds, and so on to help consumers make them self sufficient in their lifestyle. Founded by Andy and Dave Hamilton. Contains forum for discussion.

  • Urban Living Suites : Family-run business located in Toronto, which offers furnished suites for short term rentals as well as extended stays.

  • Urban Living Marketing : Helps individuals know about technology trends, real estate, mobile marketing needs of real estate agency and so on.

  • Urban Living Furniture : Provider of full-service retail furniture for home, office, and outdoors. Located in Torrance, California.

  • City Noise : Public photo blog where people of the US share news about urban living, favorite cities, hometowns, travel, and so on.

  • Modern Urban Living : Lifestyle blog that focuses on home products, furniture, art, home interiors, and so on.

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