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Areas that are located outside cities or towns are known as Rural Areas. It comprises of villages and the countryside. Unlike cities and towns, the population density in these areas is low. The main source of livelihood in rural areas is agriculture. Since the population in villages is low, there are many open areas of land available to the people, which they can use for the purpose of farming and other agricultural activities. Apart from agriculture, dairy farming is also an important occupation in rural areas. Most farmers raise cattle in their farms as dairy animals for obtaining milk and other dairy products. Animals and birds such as cows, goats, pigs, chicken, ducks, etc. are also raised as livestock (beef, veal, ham, etc.) in a farm. Rural living is very different from that of the cities. Rural areas are mostly self-sufficient unlike cities where almost all the goods and commodities are transported from villages and countryside.

Site Listings
  • Countryside : Magazine that has emphasis on homesteading, home food production and preservation. Network of members share ideas, experiences, and thoughts for sustainable country living.

  • Renewing the Countryside : Strives to strengthen the rural people of America through innovative and sustainable businesses, projects, and initiatives. Tries to foster connections between urban and rural Americans for improving rural communities.

  • Rural Living Canada : Repository containing information about non-urban Canadians living styles and interests. Details on weather, agriculture, markets, old farmer

  • KountryLife : Provider of resources for country living, and includes community of members talking about non-urban living. Details on cattle, chickens, farming, turkeys, and others are shared.

  • Ranch & Rural Living : Includes details about rural life and articles on ranch history, livestock, and photos of Southwest and Central Texas regions.

  • Nebraska Rural Living : Includes details about the rural living style, rural entrepreneurial success stories, benefits of rural living, rural housing, rural job openings, and others in Nebraska rural areas.

  • Urban Rancher, The : Includes details about rural contemporary living, especially in the Texas region.Details about farming, ranching, agriculture, etc are shared.

  • CAPS : Provider of farm management and real estate brokerage services for the US. Farmlending, farmland, and others are shared. Agri forum is included.

  • Acreage Life : Digital magazine that includes ideas, articles and various resources about country living, livestock, rural cooking, and so on.

  • Progressive Farmer, The : Resource providing news on agriculture, livestock, markets, and weather. Farm business, equipment, and crop information are found.

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