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Pets are domesticated or tamed animals which are kept as companions in a person’s home. The purpose of keeping a pet is mostly related to pleasure rather than commercial. While an individual can have any animal, bird, fish or reptile of his/her own choice as pets, most popular among them are dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, rabbits, cows, goats, pigs, parrots, chickens, ducks, gold fishes, etc. Keeping a pet has its own benefits. They provide companionship to elderly people; or people with physical difficulties. Blind people keep dogs who can help them in their activities like traveling, crossing streets, etc. People with emotional issues are also benefited with the help of pets, as they help in coping with their illness. Pets are very popular among children as well. They prove to be good companions for the children. Most children treat them as their friends. Apart from providing companionship and acting as caregivers, pets such as dogs also act as a guardian of a house or an estate. They raise an alarm when there is an intruder in the house, thus alerting their masters. Keeping a pet is a big responsibility. Therefore, they should be given the same amount of love and care as any other member of the family.

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PBS Pet Travel

Pet relocation company based in the UK, provides international pet relocation and transportation services.

  • Vetzone : Australia based website provides general information about pet health and care. Includes details about pet gallery, vet locator, online shopping for pet animals including cat, dog, horse, etc, and pet owners, and others.

  • New Pet : Contains information about pet care to new and soon-to-be pet owners. Details on pet naming, animal shelters, and others are found.

  • Designer Dogwear : Sellers of dog clothing and dog accessories. Personalized dog clothing is available.

  • Petnet : Australian based website featuring information on pet adoption, pet care, advices, selecting various breeds of pets, pets survey, and many more.

  • Pawnation : Provides tips and advices to take care of pets at home. Photos and vidoes of pet care are available.

  • : Provides information about pet adoption through animal shelter, pet rescue and humane society organizations. Information about rescuing homeless pets are included.

  • Dog Wire : Online shop that sells dog tees, shirts, dog breed shirts, and a variety of dog design apparel for pets.

  • ASPCA : Sellers of dog clothing and dog accessories. Personalized dog clothing available.

  • Pet Love Shack : Includes details about pet adoption. Pet care tips, audios, videos are included.

  • Pet Guardian Angels of America : Includes details about finding the best pet for consumers lifestyle. Includes details about pet care, keeping pets healthy, financial aid information for pets and so on.

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