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Any person or an individual who owns a house, apartment or an estate is called a homeowner. A homeowner is not just the proprietor, he/she also owns the items that are in the house such as furniture, kitchenware, gardening tools, etc. The owner has legal rights to the house as he/she would have bought it from the market, or has inherited it from his/her family. Sometimes, it is also possible that an individual is gifted with a house on occasions such as weddings. The owner is liable to pay any and all taxes related to the property. In many instances, the owner may rent out the house to receive earning from his/her property. In this case, the owner can choose the people to whom he/she wishes to let it out. Homeowners can also have some terms and conditions regarding the use of their home by the tenants. The owner can modify the property in any way he chooses. Therefore, he can repair, renovate or rebuild the property as he/she sees fit.

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  • StateFarm : Provides various insurance products/services including home, auto, life, banking, and so on. Homeowners insurance is available.

  • 2015 Condominium Bluebook : San Fransisco/Bay area-based law firm that offers various services to homeowner associations. Offers a bluebook that includes laws that govern condominiums and planned developments.

  • Audrie.com : Provides tips and advices to sell homes with profit. Includes tutorials, and articles for sellers to sell their homes fast and easy.

  • Homeowners Consumer Center : Includes tips and advices to homeowners with the intent of getting best real estate brokerage deals, mortgage, insurance, and other home related services/products.

  • Home Building Pitfalls : A book that provides various ideas and views, about building new homes, in order to educate people and avoid pitfalls in the new construction. This in turn helps saving unwanted expenses and promotes family growth.

  • Wall Street Journal, The : Contains all the real estate information, updates from government regarding properties, modern constructions, details on buying/selling homes, classifieds, ads, insights for homeowners, and so on.

  • Home Owner : Repository to find all the information about home equity loans, refinancing houses, home warranties, repairing homes, and remodeling homes.

  • InsureMyHouse.com : Provides ideas about homeowners insurance and local homeowners insurance agents in the US.

  • Hopenow : An alliance between mortgage companies, investors, counselors, and mortgage market participants, who work together, for the support and guidance of homeowners.

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