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Homemaking is an alternate term which is used for housework or housekeeping. Homemaking involves overseeing the day-to-day activities of a house or an estate and managing other domestic concerns of the household. This may include the proper organization of the items in a house or efficient management of the household finances. Some of the common activities of homemaking are cooking, cleaning and looking after the children. There was a time when learning the skills of homemaking played an important role in the lives of people. Even schools had courses such as cooking, home economics, etc. However, such courses are hardly taught in schools now-a-days. The ways of housekeeping are different from the other works in the commercial world. Instruments or items like the vacuum cleaner, iron, washing machine, food-processor, etc. make their work easier. A homemaker is also responsible for the maintenance and appearance of their homes. The main objective of maintenance is to prevent any damage to the property and, thus a routine check of the property from time to time is very helpful. Taking care of a house or an estate is not an easy task. A homemaker has many responsibilities and only a good homemaker can run a well-maintained and beautiful home.

Site Listings
  • Creative Homemaking : Provides various DIY tips, advices for home decoration, cooking, gardening, holidaying, and so on.

  • Heloise : Provides housekeeping hints and books from the famous newspaper columnist, Heloise.

  • GardenWeb Home Forums : Community website that discusses about home-related interests of people around. Details on house purchasing, selling, home decoration, taking care of family, crafts and art works and others are included.

  • Fun Place, The : Contains articles related to housekeeping, home repair, gardening, and recipes. Forums are open for sharing information.

  • Unilever : Provider of various food products, home care products, nutrition, health and beauty products and so on. Aims to meet customer expectation by the product values.

  • Organized Home : Online repository to find tips, advices for home maintenance, house cleaning, cutting clutters, and cooking recipes. Contains free printables and various homemaking articles.

  • Wacky Uses : Includes the benefits/uses of various brands of household, personal care, and food products that people use in their daily lives.

  • MyHouseandGarden.com : Includes tips and hints about various recipes, gardening, interior designing, insurance, furniture, home repairs, and so forth.

  • About Home : Provides housekeeping tips and articles. Details for decoration, repair and renovation, and pets are included. Email newsletter signup is available.

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