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Cooking is the art of transforming raw food into tasty dishes. Food is not just cooked by applying heat, but cold dishes such as salads, sandwiches, etc. can also be made. A variety of ingredients and techniques are used in cooking throughout the world. Most of the ingredients in cooking are derived from the environment around us such as fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, herbs, spices, etc. These can be used individually or together to create a dish. There are numerous methods of cooking like frying, roasting, grilling, baking, braising, steaming, boiling, smoking, barbequing, microwaving and so on. All of these methods are used by cooks all across the world. Depending on the method of cooking a single dish can be cooked in many different ways. For example, meat can be cooked by using almost all the methods of cooking mentioned above. Cooking has been an integral part of human lives since mankind started using fire. Over time, cooked food has not only satisfied our hunger, but has also developed into an art.

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Global Gourmet

Includes details about various international, national, and regional cuisines. Features weekly updates, international recipes, cookbook profiles, regular columnists, food news and more.

Includes bed and breakfast recipes including toasts, omelets, fruit dishes, and so on. Details on inns are available.

  • Absolute Recipes : Includes details about various international cuisines. Provides tips, details on recipe of the day, information about romantic dinner menus, cookbooks and so on.

  • Barbecue Secrets : Provides various barbecue recipes and tips to celebrate the pleasure of outdoor cooking.

  • : Provides cooking measurement conversion tools, free food clipart, food preparation tips & career advice for people interested in the culinary arts.

  • : Includes various Spanish and Latin American recipes for cooking ardents to check out at their homes.

  • Perfect Entertaining : Provides tips, advices, and recipes about variety of food items from various regions of the world.

  • Caribbean-Dutch : Includes recipe information about Caribbean-Dutch and sinterklass dishes.

  • Cake Italy : Website includes recipe information about Italian cakes, cookies, and desserts.

  • Hip Pressure Cooking : Includes details on hip pressure cooking techniques, which bring new ingredients, methods, and recipes for faster cooking experience.

  • BBQ Grill Mat - YRYM HT : Offers BBQ grill mat and butcher paper roll with faster delivery. Best grill tools and BBQ accessories are on sale.

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