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A consumer is a person who purchases goods and services for his or her own use. While buying a commodity or availing any service, a consumer should have knowledge about it. With so many different types of products available in the market, consumer information is needed to educate a buyer about the product. It is not possible for a buyer to do a market research before buying every single item. Therefore, information regarding product proves to be very helpful. Due to globalization, the markets have widened and products from all over the world are available to the consumer. Thus, the information helps consumers to make the right choice. Many countries have set up forums where customers may voice their dissatisfaction or complains regarding a product. The new era of internet shopping has also made consumer information very important. The items bought online are not tangible at the time of purchase. The customer sees it only when the item arrives at their homes. Therefore, it is very important for them to have as much information about the product as possible; so that they are not cheated or duped.

Site Listings
  • Consumer Review : Provides buying advice for consumers in consumer electronics, sports and recreation, and automotive products.

  • Bankrate : Provider of financial rate information to consumers including mortgages, ATM fees, automobile loans, and so on.

  • Better Business Bureau : Online complaint system that handles disagreements between businesses and customers.

  • Epic Reviews : Provider of reviews for all online shopping needs of consumers.

  • Consumers Association of Canada : Independent, national, and not-for profit organization of Canada that informs and educates consumers about marketplace issues.

  • Fight Back : Company specializes in consumer empowerment. Founded by David Horowitz.

  • Consumer Watchdog : Not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to provide voice for taxpayers of US. Deals with political injustice.

  • : Online portal that provides consumer views and reviews about 19 categories of products and services.

  • NCLC : Association for consumer justice and economic security of low income and disadvantaged people of US.

  • New Jersey Consumer Law : Online resource that helps consumers understand changes within laws by educating them.

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