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The influx of residents to a particular city greatly affects the cost of real estate and property because the cost of dwelling or renting contributes to the living cost of that place. Perhaps it is the ultimate deciding factor which determines the eagerness of expatriates to live and work in that city and eventually determines the flow of immigrants to the land. Today real estate and property dealing is flourishing in Germany due to the following reasons investors are turning towards it. German real estate is under-valued, rental rates are increasing rapidly, population growth, job creation and purchasing power. Rapid price appreciation is being experienced in Germany so property prices continue to be lower than most other major cities in the European Union. Housing market is experiencing the strongest growth in rents and purchase prices in more than 20 years. There has been a significant population growth of households annually which eventually requires new constructions. Germany is also striving hard to reduce their unemployment rate by generating more job oriented companies that can ultimately be the top contender in the European real estate investor market.

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  • Alpha Real Estate Investments Ltd : Lucrative German property and Slovakian property opportunities. Offers residential and commercial properties in Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Hamburg and other places.

  • Domino Immobilien Dortmund : Specializes in real estate brokerage business in Germany.

  • : Real estate agency for corporate housing in Germany. Displays videos of houses.

  • German Property Professionals : Professionals offering real estate portfolios in Germany.

  • German Real Estate Review : An online interactive information service provider. Offers independent news, research, and analysis in English for real estate professionals worldwide. Assisto people who wish to learn more about the commercial real estate market in Germany.

  • : Specialised in procuring top business locations. Features detailed geo-information of commercial sites in municipalities and districts or district-free towns according to their size and site designation.

  • Link Logistics Germany : Provides modern logistics facilities in Germany. Air Link Park Berlin - Direct Link Park Leipzig - Inter Link Park Ingolstadt.

  • Noor Immobilien : Real estate agency offering commercial and residential houses in Germany. Includes exclusive homes, apartments and offices.

  • : Offers worldwide property and real estate for sale.

  • Properties 24 : Independent and privately owned property consultancy firm offering more than 500 properties throughout Germany.

  • ProVenture Property : Specialized in offering investment services in Germany. Includes resource on how to make successful investments in the German property market.

  • : Online real estate portal for buying and selling properties. Features both commercial and residential properties.

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