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It is quite evident that news and media acts as the fourth organ of the proper functioning of the government. A successful government lies in its transparency and authorizing the media to get involved and question a political motion and reclaim the agreeable feedbacks to the same. Media acts as a representative of the population and glorifies the rights bestowed on the people by uniting them and spreading their opinion. It is important to ensure unbiased opinion and equality in distribution of benefits as opposed to their awareness in a few sections or regions. In Germany, the freedom of the press and speech are both protected by the German Basic Law. The institution of German print media is often considered more important than the abstract ideal of free speech. The ways in which Germans relate to their media is certainly an appealing, multifarious and ambiguous part of German culture. Due to strong competition from TV and online media, the demands for German newspapers have been declining for the past couple of decades. German newspapers promptly reacted to this downfall by providing websites of their own, where their content is available for free. Variety of independent print media to protect its diversity is a crucial trait of German democracy.

Site Listings
  • Expatica Germany : Provides news, education, employment, listings, housing information in Germany.

  • German Information Centre South Asia : Facebook page for German news and information and its relation with South Asia.

  • German News : Covers national and international news and top stories in Germany.

  • German Press : Includes new press releases, editorials, publishing information, maps, and more.

  • Germany - : Features the latest news from principal cities, different news papers and different hapenings in Germany.

  • Germany News - Topix : Includes top stories featuring political, world, sports and local news.

  • Local, The : News website featuring local and national German news.

  • Signandsight : An online magazine on German society and culture, with coverage of German media.

  • Spiegel Online : Offers daily news, analysis and opinion from Europe's leading news magazine and Germany's top news Web site.

  • WorldTVRadio - Germany : Germany radio and television listings. Provides a easy way to listen to radio and watch TV online from Germany.

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