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Schools are the educational institutions providing the basic education to children. Schools may be of different types depending on a number of factors. Public schools and private schools, the schools provide education from the very early age. Starting right from the kindergarten where young ones are imparted knowledge about general subjects and etiquettes and manners, they go on to primary education and then the secondary stage. Schools imparting secondary education that is the higher classes are known in some countries as high schools. Schools & high schools need to have a good understanding of child psyche and ensure that the children are treated in a manner that encourages them to be better individuals. Encouraging talent and understanding their strengths and weaknesses is very important to help the child develop into a good and confident individual. Schools play a major role in shaping the personality of a child and widening his horizons.

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  • ECIS : European Council of International Schools leads in addressing significant current and future educational and global issues in support of its membership in Europe and worldwide.

  • CISB : Located in Bangalore, providing world-class international education, nurturing potential, developing life-long skills and preparing students for an ever-changing global community.

  • NICS : Started in the Republic of Korea with the establishment of international christian schools and operates schools around the world.

  • Accademia Italiana - Fashion Design School : A private school in Italy, founded in the year 1984. Offers university level courses in fashion, digital graphic, design and interiors design, photography and more. Head quartered in Florence & Rome.

  • International Schools Services : Providing comprehensive range of educational services for schools, educators, families and corporations.

  • Great Schools : Source of information on school performance, with listings on public and private schools serving students from preschool through high school.

  • High Schools : Offering an extensive listings of public and private schools by city and state and school search tools in United States.

  • CLHS : California based non-profit association, dedicated to improve the professional knowledge of high school students.

  • Bedford High : One of the UK's leading independent day and boarding schools for girls.

  • School Portal : Gateway to uniservity learning platform for schools and local authorities in the south of England and globally.

  • : A search engine about guides and directories.

  • Cipinet : Provides information about adventure travel, travel packages, hill stations in India, Rajasthan travel, and more.

  • Zapmeta : Provides information about travel guides in India.

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