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Music & Art play an important role in the development of the personality of an individual. Music as a therapeutic effect and also enhances one’s thinking power and has a big impact on the personality. Art includes a variety of choices from drawing, paintings to dance and drama. It is important for an individual to have some exposure to any form of art this makes him or her complete. Art offers different perspectives to life and teaches a person to appreciate beauty. With the growing awareness about the importance of music & art education, it has been inculcated into the curriculum for children at a very young age itself. There are institutions which specialize in music & art education. Here music and art is taught both in theoretical terms and also practical training is imparted. An understanding an art appreciation too is taught. With the field of music and art being very vast there are a variety of choices from which a student can choose depending on his or her interest.

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Sound Medicine Academy

Offers sound healing training online. An in-depth effective method. Master your skills with sound healing instruments with singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks and more. Satisfaction Guaranteed. We offer a 14-day money-back policy with all our courses.

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  • CIM Website : Established in 1990, situated in the heart of vital musical life of San Diego, institute of music brings a distinguished faculty and gifted students together from around southern California.

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  • Naea Reston : Professional organization exclusively for visual arts educators, educating elementary, middle and high school art teachers, college and university professors and researchers, museum educators and artists.

  • Academy Art : Study in downtown San Francisco, nation's largest private art and design university, providing online art degrees, graduate art degrees, continuing art education classes.

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