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The law schools are engaged in providing the students with in-depth training in the field of law. For a person to practice as a lawyer he needs to have the necessary academic knowledge and degree and also the prescribed practical training. The law schools ensure that the students are offered the opportunity to gain knowledge required to practice as a lawyer. After getting the requisite degree and being equipped with the academic knowledge the person can venture into the real world of jobs and make the desired choice. The student can either opt to be a public lawyer with the Government, join a private firm or start his or her own private practice. A lawyer needs to have sound theoretical knowledge to be able to apply the law in different cases. With the client depending entirely on the lawyer for bringing him justice it is important for the lawyer to know the various laws inside out. There are various branches of law that a student can specialize in, for instance criminal law and civil law.

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  • BPP Law School : Leading provider of professional legal education with six law schools in Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, London and Manchester.

  • Top Law Schools : Resource to assist students applying to law school, including advice for writing law school personal statements and a law school forum.

  • LSAC : Provides admission-related services for legal education institutions and their applicants throughout the world.

  • Anu College of Law : Australia’s law school, established in 1960, offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including LLB, graduate diploma and practical legal training through legal workshop and research degrees such as SJD and PhD.

  • NUJS : Premier university for legal studies and research, providing experience based learning under multi-disciplinary curriculam.

  • School of Law : UK's largest law schools, offering students internationally renowned academic environment to study, develop and research.

  • UK College of Law : One of the nation's first state law schools, established in 1913, provided legal education to Kentucky’s leaders and outstanding lawyers.

  • ALU : Abraham Lincoln university school of law provides legal education for those desiring to take their complete program Online.

  • CS Law School : California Southern law school, offering a systematic program designed to prepare students for the state of California bar examination.

  • College of Law : Largest legal training and education centres in Birmingham, Chester, Guildford, London, Manchester and York, offers quality and innovative courses that serve the changing needs of the legal community.

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