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Chinese consider physical fitness as their important feature of their culture. There are evidences stating that the traditional Chinese were playing a sport, Cuju, similar to football, which dates back to 1000 AD. It is likely that football might have originated in China. It is also stated that about 2500 years ago, the traditional Chinese organized a boat racing event, Dragon boat racing, every year. The traditional Chinese are also known for their martial skills. Kung fu, a self-defense technique, originated during the rule of Xia dynasty (2698 BCE), has been developed based on certain animal, insect, and bird mimics. It is stated that modern sports were introduced in China in the beginning of 20th century. Especially in the middle of 20th century, the People?s Republic of China, started funding for talented youngsters, which led to the promotion of modern sports in China. Currently Chinese play various types of sports like American football, Badminton, Baseball, Bandy, Basketball, Boxing, Chess, Cricket, Curling, Football, Golf, Rugby, Motor racing, Snooker, etc. It is stated that Acrobatics has also become popular in China since 1950. It is stated that China has become a huge competitor in international sports, after it started participating in Olympic Games regularly. In the 2008 Olympics, Chinese athletes won 100 Olympic medals. Chinese women are active participants of Olympics as well. China apart from Olympics, participates in world championships and Asian Games tournaments. The country hosts a National Games tournament every four years. The Chinese recreational activities include cooking, music, architecture, dance, etc. It is stated that Chinese would love to express their recreational talents, during festivals. Spring Festival is an important occasion for the Chinese that happens every year. The Chinese cooking include vegetables, rice, noodles, sauces, and seasoning. The cooking styles are adopted mostly from various regions of China. Off late, western style cooking is also integrated into the Chinese culture. Bamboo Pole Dance is a recreational activity, where the dancers bring the poles of bamboo together and apart, and dance with the rhythm. Lion dance and horse racing are also part of recreation. Browse our China Sports Directory and find below the list of websites related to china sports and recreation:

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