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The real estate domain of China is developed and managed by private, public, and the state-owned red chip enterprises (stocks of mainland Chinese companies incorporated outside the country and listed in Hong Kong). According to, as of June 2015, the Chinese real estate and property market and related industries account for more than 20% of the country’s gross domestic product. The country’s real estate domain is currently experiencing a slow growth. Backlog of unsold homes and un-leased shops imply that. Chinese real estate market, the second biggest real estate bubble (a term coined related to the property market of China which influences economic growth), will grow a bit more slowly every year, according to New home prices have declined about 6% in 2015, compared to the 4% increase in 2014. It has to be noted that the new sold homes are all apartments, and not single family homes. One more estimate shows that the unsold residential floor space contributes to 657 square kilometres, which is still available after 2 years. It has to be noted that builders do not want to sell houses to government for more discounts, so the buying power has weakened. However, the Chinese government is taking actions to buy lands and turn them into public housing. Though analysts say that Chinese real estate bubble will burst leading to serious consequences in future, these figures tell that Chinese real estate will experience a very slow growth. Browse our China Real Estate Directory and find below the list of China Real Estate websites:

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  • Beijing Real Estates : Real estate company in Beijing, offers villas, courtyards, office spaces and other commercial properties for rent and sale.

  • Joanna Real Estate : Largest real estate company in China with a huge database of properties.

  • Joanna Real Estate : Largest real estate company in China, has a database of more than 1,00,000 properties.

  • Savills : Established real estate company, provides leasing, valuation, asset management, project and development consultancy services.

  • SHKP : Largest real estate property company in Hong Kong, specialized in residential and commercial projects for sale and investment.

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