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The Chinese news and media sector constitutes television, radio, newspaper, and magazine. Internet has also been an important communication medium, since 2000, which is still under the supervision of the Chinese government. The media regulations were relaxed during 1980s, but it got tightened again due to the Tiananmen Square Protests in 1989. The regulations got loosened in the late 1990s; however, due to the increase in internet usage and its influence, the current government framed heavy regulations. Among various industry news, Sports, Finance, and Entertainment sectors have little supervision and regulation from the government. Despite heavy government monitoring, several media segments operate in various provinces of China. It has to be noted that there is a growing competition in the Chinese media, with investigative reporting, and diversified and unique content. It is apparently a growing commercial market in China. In Mainland China, the total number of newspapers released is 2,200 per day apparently. Most of the front running newspapers are state-run. More than 7000 magazines and journals are released in the country supposedly. There are two authorized primary news agencies, which censor and edit news of overseas agencies. Television broadcasting is under the control of Central Television of China, which provides 22 channels. It is the only national network of the country. Browse our China News and Media Directory and find below the list of China news and media websites.

Site Listings
  • China Briefing : News paper and magazine featuring latest news on science and technology, tax, finance, politics, business, etc.

  • China Daily : A full-service daily news paper covering latest news including business, sports, finance, entertainment and more.

  • China Media Intelligence : Provides information with innovation, news letters, market reports and analysis on telecom, laptops etc in China.

  • - China : International newspaper website featuring the latest international business, economic, and political news, comments, analysis, videos and more.

  • Eastday Shanghai : Newspaper offering local and international news. Includes business news, entertainment, sports and culture.

  • Economic Observer : Independent and indepth Chineese newspaper website featuring economic and business news.

  • Guardian Special Report, The - China : Features the latest news covering sports, entertainment, lifestyle, business, jobs etc.

  • People's Daily : Features the latest business and industrial news of the country.

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