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Painting, Calligraphy, weiqi, and Qin are the four traditional arts of Chinese. Apart from these, Chinese arts were expressed in various forms like painting, music, dance, calligraphy, opera, gardening, traditional dressings, and sculpture. Painting, centuries-old tradition in China, is usually done using brushes on paper or silk materials. Black ink or colored inks were used. Oils were not used in painting. It is also defined as the monochromatic work derived from Calligraphy. Calligraphy, also known as ?beautiful writing?, expresses motion and dynamic life of world through scripts and diagrams. It means more than just a method of communication. The ancient Chinese sculptures exerted continual influence over the Chinese art. Sculptures mostly avoided human figures and images of deities. Shanghai Mueseum, regarded as modern day museum, helps people to know more about Chinese sculptures. Various styles of sculptures are exhibited in the Shanghai Museum. It exhibits various wooden furniture, stone carvings, antique collection, painting, coins, etc. Opera, a traditional form of stage entertainment, which combines mime, song, dialogue, action, music ensemble, acrobatics, etc, into one. It is usually in a theatrical setting. It has a script, where performers have to enact based on that. Artists have to be cautious of gestures, movement, and expression, for a good performance. The Chinese music covers a highly diverse range of music from traditional to modern. The music comes mostly from Han Chinese, ethnic people from Mainland China, people of Chinese origin, and people outside Mainland China. The traditional music covers musical writings, instrumental music (string, woodwind, percussion, plucked and struck string), vocal percussion, Han culture music, etc. Find below the list of China Arts and Entertainment websites:

Site Listings
  • Art Scene China : Based in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, specialized in quality contemporary Chinese paintings, prints and woodcuts of popular artists.

  • China Culture : Provides wide range of information on Chinese art galleries, heritage, museums and exhibitions.

  • Chinese Art Works : Online resouce for information on original Chinese oil paintings, woodblock prints of masterpieces by artists Qi Baishi.

  • Chinese Culture : Founded in 1997 by three young idealistic women, provides background history, music gallery, audio files on the instrument and translation service.

  • : Based in Maryland, preserving the traditions of 500 year old Chinese arts.

  • New Chinese Art : Website contains contemporary Chinese arts such as paintings, woodcuts, sculptures, photographs, computer images and much more.

  • Red Gate Gallery : Gallery founded in 1991 by Australian Brian Wallace, exhibits artworks of contemporary Chinese artists.

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